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ASL 202-900 – American Sign Language IV (Spring Term)

An Online Course

Emphasizes ASL vocabulary, grammar structure to develop communicative competence at intermediate level, promoting awareness of cultural behaviors, rules of discourse, and explores regional and dialectal variations in ASL.



Prerequisite: ASL III (ASL 201)

Undergraduate Students

If any prerequisites are required, they will be listed above. Prerequisites require an instructor override in advance of your registration in Ursa. Please contact the instructor before registering to provide proof of completion of the prerequisite course. Other UNC staff are not able to assist with prerequisite overrides for registration.

UNC Degree Seeking

Current UNC students can register for this course.

UNC Non-Degree Seeking

If you are not seeking a degree at UNC, but have earned a GED or high school diploma, you may take a course for personal interest or to transfer to another college or university. Please note, as a non-degree seeking student, you are not eligible for Financial Aid.

Eligibility by State

At this time, UNC has secured approval to serve online education to students from every state and the U.S. Virgin Islands via our participation in NC-SARA and some additional state-by-state authorizations. However, we are not currently accepting students to our online programs who reside in Puerto Rico or the CNMIs. Due to how fluid these agreements can be at the state or federal level, we recommend checking our Eligibility by State page for details.


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Contact The Department of American Sign Language & Interpreting Studies (ASLIS)

When you have activated your account, you will need to email Sherry Schriver and provide her with the following:

1. Your name
2. UNC Bear number
3.What class you are registering for
4. Attach to your email or fax (303-365-7677) your unofficial transcript showing ASL prerequisite courses

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Contact Us

Dr. Greta Knigga-Daugherty
720-216-2662 (VideoPhone)
E-mail: greta.knigga-daugherty@unco.edu

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Billing and Payment for Your Course

1. Course materials costs (textbooks, CDs, etc.) are assessed and paid separately.
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Course Basics

ASL 202-900 (ASL IV)
Level of Study
January 8 - May 6, 2018
Program Coordinator
Greta Knigga-Daugherty
$405/credit hour =

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