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CHEM 682-940 – Problems in Teaching Chemistry

An Online Course for High School Chemistry Teachers

Problems encountered in teaching chemistry and approaches to their resolutions will be considered. The formal nature of concepts, management of laboratories, safety, demonstrations are illustrative of areas of discussion in this professional development course.

You will explore plausible solutions to pedagogical problems that are pervasive in almost every high school chemistry classroom. The outcomes that result from your participation in these explorations should help you develop a good strategy in becoming an effective secondary chemisty teacher or to fine-tune your teaching skills.

This graduate course was developed for a two-fold goal:

  • To help chemistry teachers advance their professional development within the context of how people learn chemistry and how instruction enhances or inhibits student learning.
  • To help graduate students in chemical education base their research studies on the theories of how people learn chemistry and how instruction affects this learning process.



Graduate Students

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Course Basics

CHEM 682-940
Level of Study
Course runs: August 21 - December 8, 2017
Add/Register by: August 25
Drop by: September 1
Jerry Suits
$300 / Credit Hour

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