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About The UNC High School Dual Enrollment Program


College Credit Opportunities for High School Students

The UNC Dual Enrollment program provides opportunities for high school students to take college level course work delivered at their high school location. Students earn dual credits (both high school and college credits) via one course. Participating in dual credit options can be extremely rewarding.

The goals of UNC's Dual Enrollment program are:

  • To increase student knowledge and skill levels;
  • To earn college level credit(s) at an affordable rate;
  • To further enhance each student's preparation for college while in high school;
  • To motivate students to attend college;
  • To experience the college level academic rigor;
  • To increase their likelihood of graduating from a college in a timely manner.

See our list of courses available by school to see if your school participates in UNC Dual Enrollment. If your school is not yet participating, ask your counselor and/or teacher about potential course options for your school to partner with UNC.

The Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act (CEPA) is a state law (HB 09-1319; SB 09-285; HB 12-1043) that allows high school students to simultaneously earn both high school and college credit. Colorado students have a wide variety of opportunities to earn college level credit(s) or further enhance their preparation for postsecondary study. These programs go by many names such as concurrent enrollment, early access, ASCENT and, at UNC, Dual Enrollment.

High School Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Email: Aimee Rogers

College-Level Rigor Delivered at Your School

"The Dual Enrollment program through University of Northern Colorado has given my high school students the opportunity to take a rigorous, college level course, with the convenience of staying on our high school campus. The registration process is simple and they are getting ahead on their college education."

– Allison Werning, Platte Valley High School Counselor