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The UNC Dual Enrollment program allows students to take college courses at their high school. This program provides students with college-level credits along with credit toward their high school graduation, making it of dual benefit to them.

Students who take several dual enrollment classes during their junior and senior years of high school may even amass enough credits to be considered a sophomore—or nearly so—when they set foot on their college campus. Per a high school counselor for the UNC Dual Enrollment Program:

“The junior and senior years need to be more meaningful and more rigorous. The dual credits get students on a path of more college preparedness and shows them that they can do it. I feel like we’re doing a good job of that here.”
- WHS counselor

Instructors Already Teaching Dual Enrollment Courses:

Please visit your Faculty page for information on submitting grades and being an adjunct UNC instructor.

Support Your Students' Highest Aspirations

  • Do your students have specific college aspirations and want to move towards them quickly?
  • Do they want to save money by whittling their college career costs down by one or two semesters?
  • Perhaps they are unsure of their college major and just want to get basic classes checked off their list. For many, that’s a time-and money-saving bargain!

Bring UNC Dual Enrollment to your Classrooms

Give your students the jump start they're seeking. With course costs substantially lower than the campus-based courses at most any college or university (including community colleges), dual enrollment lowers their eventual degree cost as well.

Instructors and Administrators interested in Bringing Dual Enrollment Courses to your School, Please Contact:

Director of Professional Development

Email: Aimee Rogers



Building Confidence and Opportunities

"Among the many Eaton High School dual enrollment success stories, I am particularly proud of one of our first-generation female students. She has taken six credits each semester and is now a confident college student because of the exposure and opportunities provided by UNC's Dual Enrollment Program."

– Marcy Sanger, Eaton High School Counselor