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Independent Study Courses

UNC Independent Study courses (known in the past as correspondence or home study courses) are self-paced courses that you can complete fully online. Our Independent Study Courses are college-level courses. Today's Independent Study courses take advantage of new technologies available in our online learning system (blackboard), and some include audio and/or video components. We are privileged to have students enrolled from around the world. We are confident that you will find your course a challenging and rewarding experience. 

UNC Course Numbering System: UNC College courses are designated by numbers, such as SOC 302. The numbers indicate the rank of the course. Course numbers beginning with 1 or 2 are of lower-division rank; 3 and 4, upper-division rank; and with 5, 6 or 7, graduate rank.

Term of Registration: Though you will have a full calendar year to complete the courses below, you will technically register for the course tied to an academic term (Fall, Spring or Summer).

Fall Enrollment Dates: August 25th - December 12th