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ASLS 555-934 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Communication

Official Course Description

Neuroanatomy-physiology related to speech, language, and hearing: neuropathologies of the central nervous system and results of neurological insult. Student must have an email address and access to the Internet. Course requirements include 3 exams and 10 short assignments.

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Recommended Prerequisite Coursework

For students to be successful in this course, we recommend having successfully taken the following courses or their equivalent:

Graduate Students

If any prerequisites are required, they will be listed above. Prerequisites require an instructor override in advance of your registration in Ursa. Please contact the instructor before registering to provide proof of completion of the prerequisite course. Other UNC staff are not able to assist with prerequisite overrides for registration.

UNC Degree Seeking Students

Current UNC graduate students can register for this course.

UNC Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking graduate status refers to a student who has at least a Bachelor's degree and has either applied to our Graduate School and not yet been admitted or is wanting to take classes but not pursue a degree. Please note, as a non-degree seeking student, you are not eligible for Financial Aid.

Undergraduate Students

Juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher are permitted to take 500-level courses.

Please note that if you are not a UNC student you will need to submit your official transcripts for evaluation. This could take up to 4 weeks for evaluation.

Eligibility by State

At this time, UNC has secured approval to serve online education to students from every state and the U.S. Virgin Islands via our participation in NC-SARA and some additional state-by-state authorizations. However, we are not currently accepting students to our online programs who reside in Puerto Rico or the CNMIs. Due to how fluid these agreements can be at the state or federal level, we recommend checking our Eligibility by State page for details.


Use CRN: 24563

Spring Enrollment Dates: January 8 - May 4, 2018

Though you will have a full calendar year to complete this course, you will technically register for the course as part of an academic term (Fall, Spring or Summer).

Follow the instructions for class registration in the link below using the CRN (Course Registration Number) listed above. After activating your Ursa account and prior to registration, all students must contact Peggy Elliott in the Registrar’s Office at 970-351-2926 or 970-351-2231.

Directions for Registering using the UNC Ursa System

Once registered, you will receive a registration confirmation at your UNC email address. This email will list the drop and withdrawal deadlines. It is your responsibility to know the drop and withdrawal deadlines and procedures.

Note for UNC degree-seeking students: tuition for your Independent Study courses are over and above your regular campus tuition rates and schedule. Independent Study courses are not Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) supported.

Contact Us

Instructor email: Donna Bottenberg, PhD


UNC Extended Campus/Independent Study Program
Campus location: Michener Library, Room L54
University of Northern Colorado
Campus Box 21
Greeley, CO 80639
Phone: 970-351-2594
Fax: 970-351-2519
E-mail: indeps.desk@unco.edu
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Once You register

Billing and Payment for Your Course

1. Course materials costs (textbooks, CDs, etc.) are assessed and paid separately.
2. You will be billed for the cost of your course tuition.
3. Independent Study courses are over and above your regular campus tuition rates and schedule.
4. Tuition for the course is listed in the course description on the Extended Campus webpage.
5. To view or pay your bill, please visit the Bursar’s website for specific instructions on accessing your bill.

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Course Basics

ASLS 555-934
Level of Study
Independent Study - you will have 1 year to complete (see Register section for details)
Donna Bottenberg, PhD
$400 per credit hour

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