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Currently Running Graduate Programs

ASL and Interpreting

Leadership and Supervision

Legal Interpreter Training Program

Teaching American Sign Language MA (With Optional Licensure)

Audiology & Speech-Language Sciences

Animal Audiology Graduate Certificate

Speech-Language Pathology MA

Biological Sciences

Biomedical Science MBS

Center for International Education Courses

Intensive English Program (for International Students)

Counseling and Psychology

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Criminology & Criminal Justice MA (formerly Criminal Justice MA)


Dietetics Internship

Dietetics MS (With or Without Internship)

Education – Special Education

Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate

Special Education Director Licensure (formerly Special Education Administration Licensure)

Special Education MA: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Emphasis

Special Education MA: Early Childhood Emphasis (or Endorsement-Only)

Special Education MA: Generalist Emphasis (or Endorsement-Only)

Special Education MA: Gifted & Talented Emphasis, Endorsement or Certificate

Special Education MA - Intervention Specialist: Academic Coaching and Leadership Emphasis (new name)

Special Education MA - Intervention Specialist: Applied Behavior Analysis Emphasis

Special Education MA: Visual Impairment Emphasis

Special Education PhD

Teaching Diverse Learners MA

Teaching Students with Autism (TSA) Graduate Certificate

Education – Teaching

Chinese Teaching Endorsement – Alternative Route

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education MAT/K-12 Endorsement

Curriculum Studies MAT

Educational Psychology MA: Teaching Applications Emphasis

Educational Studies EdD: Innovation and Education Reform Emphasis

Elementary Education MAT with Licensure

Education MAT: English Education Emphasis

Geography Education Graduate Certificate

Literacy MA or Reading Teacher (K-12) Endorsement-Only

Mathematics Teaching Programs (Certificate & MA: Teaching Emphasis)

Multilingual Education MA: TESOL Emphasis

Multilingual Education MA Offerings for Beijing Royal Schools

Science Education Master's (Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program)

Secondary & K-12 Post-Baccalaureate Licensures

Teaching Diverse Learners MA

Technology, Innovation & Pedagogy MA

TESOL Graduate Certificate

Education – Theatre, Art, Music & Dance

Educational Leadership (K-12 & Higher Ed)

Administrator Licensure (for District Level Leadership)

Applied Causal Evaluation of Policy and Innovation (Graduate Certificate)

Educational Leadership Combined Program: Includes Teacher Leadership Certificate; and Year-Round Ed Lead PL/MA/EdS and Ed Lead/Spec Ed Admin MA/EdS students

Educational Leadership EdD

Educational Leadership: Principal (K-12) Licensure and MA/EdS

Educational Leadership & Special Education Administration MA/EdS

Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership PhD

Special Education Administration Licensure


Gerontology Graduate Certificate


Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) Post-Master's Certificate

Nursing DNP: Post-Bachelor's with AGACNP Emphasis

Nursing DNP: Post-Bachelors with FNP Emphasis

Nursing DNP: Post-Master's

Nursing Education Graduate Certificate

Nursing Education PhD

Nursing MS: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Emphasis

Nursing MS: Advanced Nurse Generalist Emphasis

Nursing MS: Family Nurse Practitioner Emphasis

Nursing NEXus

Sport and Exercise Science