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Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program Ma –Science Education Emphasis

Walking Mountains Science Center + Online (Ongoing Program)

This program is delivered in partnership with the Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon, Colorado. If you are not already an admitted student, visit the program information and apply through WMSC.

Program Coordinator

David Slykhuis


This is an Extended Campus program, which means a flat per-credit tuition rate for all students (in-state or out-of-state) and no student fees (they are incorporated into our flat tuition rate). Please note: certain courses may carry specific course fees for additional services and materials.

Program tuition for the 2018-19 academic year (which runs Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) is $520 per credit hour. Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year will be determined mid-June 2019.

Students may qualify for federal financial aid or UNC scholarships.

Please see information about the UNC Student Health Insurance Program.

Courses Available for Current & Upcoming Terms


Summer 2018

SCED 578-901 K-12 Science Inquiry (3)

CRN: 40640

Instructor: Jaymee Squires

Location: Walking Mountains Science Center (Avon)/Online

Dates: May 31-Aug 2 WMSC Thursdays 5pm-7:30pm/Online

fall 2018

SCED 553-900 Program Design and Planning in Environmental Education (3)

CRN: 14838

Instructor: Jaymee Squires

Location: Walking Mountains Science Center (Avon)/Online

Dates: Aug 20-Dec 7

Viewing Course Documents - If you are are having trouble viewing any course documents linked from this page, download the free Adobe Reader. This is a free download from Adobe, but comes with the google toolbar unless you "de-select" that option before downloading.


Previous Courses

Spring 2018

SCED 530-900 Laboratory, Field, and Studio Safety (1)

CRN: 22031

Instructor: Zachary Armstrong

Location: Online

Dates: Jan 15-Mar 10


SCED 605-900 Global Change (3)

CRN: 22123

Instructor: Lucinda Shellito

Location: Online

Dates: Jan 8-May 4


fall 2017

SCED 531-900 Teaching Chemistry for the Future (3)

CRN: 12231

Instructor: Zachary Armstrong

Location: Online

Dates: Aug 21-Dec 10

FALL 2016

NCOE 001-900 Orientation to Online Learning at UNC (0)

CRN: 13808

Instructor: Samuel Dong Saul/Desiree Pina

Location: Online

Dates: Avail. Aug 22-Dec 11

SCED 521-900 Physics in Modern Medicine (3)

CRN: 12257

Instructor: Zachary Armstrong

Location: Online

Dates: Aug 22- Dec 11

ECLD 602-902 Teaching Liguistically Diverse Learners (3)

CRN: 14949

Instructor: Dana Walker

Location: Online

Dates: August 22 - December 9

Summer 2016

NCOE 001-900 Orientation to Online Learning at UNC (0)

CRN: 40660

Instructor: Samuel Dong Saul/Desiree Pina

Location: Online

Dates: Avail. May 9-July 31st

SCED 578-700 K-12 Science Inquiry (3)

CRN: 40920

Instructor: Jaymee Squires

Location: Walking Mountains Science Center (Avon)

Dates: May 31-Aug 4 Arranged


SCED 678-900 Science Education Seminar (2)

CRN: 40372

Instructor: Wendy Adams

Location: Online (Tuesdays 5:30pm-8pm)

Dates: May 31-July 22


Financial Aid

Students who cannot pay for tuition alone are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid. Students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA priority filing date for each academic year (a Fall-Spring-Summer cycle which begins each August) is March 1, although the form is now available by October 1 of the previous year and requests tax information from the year prior. For example, the FAFSA form for aid for the 2018-19 school year is released on Oct. 1, 2017, and is based off of 2016 tax return information.

Late submissions of the FAFSA are still accepted throughout the school year but you may not be considered for the maximum amount of aid. If the March priority deadline has passed for the upcoming/current school year, we encourage you to apply for FAFSA consideration as soon as you enroll for your first courses. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to submit an application for the current academic year and an early/priority application for the following academic year.

Master's and Educational Specialist degree students require a minimum of 5 credits per academic term for financial aid eligibility. Full time enrollment is based on 9 credits.

To apply for federal financial aid assistance

Fill out the FAFSA form at https://fafsa.ed.gov/

For more specific help, Extended Campus degree-seeking students may contact Adrina Pawlak in Financial Aid at OFA.Extended@unco.edu, 970-351-2502, or via the UNC Financial Aid website.

Students can also find helpful information such as the Guide to Federal Student Aid at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/resources. Most of the resources are available in English, Spanish, and Braille.

Student Health Insurance

The University of Northern Colorado offers a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to all degree-seeking students who enroll in courses on our main UNC Campus, an Extended Campus Center, or Online.

Degree-seeking graduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours will automatically receive this benefit each term. SHIP premiums will appear on your semester bill. If you have comparable insurance coverage, and do not want to be charged for SHIP coverage, you must opt out of this plan each Fall via an online waiver process.

Please visit the UNC Student Health Insurance pages for more information about the insurance plan.