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Guides for Current Students in Extended Campus Academic Programs (Degrees, Licensures, Certificates)

The following guides will help you manage the steps for starting your program, registering for your courses, accessing your courses online, paying your bills, accessing grades and transcripts, and more.

Student Guide: Extended Campus Student Guide

Financial Aid: Financial Aid Information for Extended Campus Students

Top "How To" Topics

Other "How To" topics, directions, policies and resources are located in the Student Guide PDFs linked above.

Activating and Using Ursa | Registering for Courses | Access Your BearMail | Access Your Courses in Canvas

Activating and Using Your Ursa Account

What is Ursa?

Ursa is the university's online single point of access to secure information and tools for students, faculty, and staff. Among the many options available to students through this portal are access to BearMail, your student records, e-bill, and course registration. After you activate your account, the Ursa login link is always available in the yellow Student Resources box on these pages.

With Ursa, you'll be able to:

  • View and search the catalog and class schedules
  • Register for classes
  • Get campus announcements directed to students
  • Accept or decline financial aid awards
  • View and pay account balances
  • Check financial aid status
  • Check your BearMail (university email)
  • View grades
  • View progress toward degree
  • View and order transcripts
New Students – Activating Your Ursa Account

*** As a first time UNC student, you have to activate your account. ***

Visit https://ursa.unco.edu

  1. Click on “Password reset / account activation” then “Account Activation.”
  2. Enter your Bear number, date of birth and last 4 digits of your SSN. There are directions/resources on the activation page.

Additional tips/notes:

  • If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to remove the pop-up blocker in order to access Ursa. Be sure you have your Bear number ready (you will receive this with your admissions information).
  • If you have any issues activating your account, you can view detailed Ursa account activation instructions.
  • Your Ursa username will then be your first four characters of your last name and a randomly chosen 4-digit number (e.g. smit1234 or fox4321). You will set up your Ursa password during your account activation.

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Registering For Courses

Find Your Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) on Your Program Page
  1. In this Current Program Students section of the website, choose Undergraduate Programs, Post-baccalaureate Programs, or Graduate Programs.
  2. Find your program in the list (they are organized by Area of Study). If your program has multiple cohort groups running, be sure that you choose the correct cohort based on your location and the term you started the program. [Once you find your page, we recommend that you add it to your bookmarks / favorites as an ongoing resource.]
  3. The courses scheduled for your program will be listed. Each course will have the CRN (a 5-digit number) listed. You will use the CRN number(s) to register in Ursa.
Logging in to Ursa and Registering

*** Undergraduate students: please note that you will also need to contact your Program Coordinator for your PIN number for each term. This process helps UNC ensure that you are receiving proper advising for progress to program completion. ***

Log in to Ursa with your User Name (which is the same as the portion of your BearMail address that is before the @ symbol) and Password (the same password that is used to access BearMail). Once you are logged in:

  1. On the Student tab there is a Register for Classes menu. In this menu you will need to select Register, Add, or Drop Classes.
  2. Select the appropriate term and hit Submit.
  3. From this point you can register for class on the Add Classes Worksheet
    1. Input the correct 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN) for each course (see "Find Your Courses" above) and click Accept/Submit at the bottom of the page.
    2. Scroll down to check if the course(s) are now listed or if any registration errors occurred.
    3. If any of your courses can be taken for a variable number of credits, the credit hours column will be blue (and set to 1 credit). Select it and enter the number of credits you wish to take. [Your Program Page will list how many credits have been assigned for that course for that academic term. You can change this setting up until the add/drop date of that course.] If you change any variable credit hours, hit Accept/Submit again.
  4. Review your schedule for accuracy.
    1. When you have finished registering go back to the Student tab.
    2. To view your schedule, under the Register for Classes menu you can choose Detail Schedule, Week at a Glance, or Registration History. All three of the choices will give you a different view of your schedule.

If you are having trouble registering, please contact the Registrar at (970) 351-2231.

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Access Your BearMail (Student Email Account)

BearMail is the official email for UNC students and your BearMail address is how you will be contacted for any information concerning your classes, status, changes in scheduling, etc. Your BearMail account information is provided with your admission information.

You can access your BearMail from this page via the link in the Student Resources box, from within Ursa, or by visiting http://bears.unco.edu.

  • The first part of your BearMail address will be the same as your Ursa username [your first four characters of your last name and a randomly chosen 4-digit number (e.g. smit1234@bears.unco.edu or fox4321@bears.unco.edu)].
  • Your password is the same as your Ursa password.

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Access Your Courses in the Canvas Learning System

Access your online course in the Canvas course management system at https://unco.instructure.com/login/saml

Note: you will not be able to access your course until the first day of class. If you have registered for the class within the past 24 hours you may need to wait for the system to update and grant you access.

  • If you have not used Canvas previously, we highly recommend going through the modules in the Online Course Tutorial which will help you learn the features of Canvas and how to use them.
  • Username: UPDATE! You will now log into Canvas with your full UNC generated BearMail address (________@bears.unco.edu).
  • Password: The same password you use to access Ursa and your BearMail account
  • Please remember that course updates and alerts will be sent to your university-generated BearMail address.
Technical Help for Canvas
  • Canvas Student Support
  • Technical support is available from within your online classroom or here on the Extended Campus site. Just look for links to "Technical Help" or "Technical Support."
    Live Technical Support hours:
    Mon-Thurs: 7am to 10pm
    Fri: 7am to 7pm
    Sat-Sun: 10am to 7pm
  • You can still submit Technical Support requests for assistance outside the live support hours. A ticket will be created and a technician will follow up with your request.

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