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Faculty and Staff

UNC Extended Campus has partnered with academic departments and individual instructors for decades to help them deliver quality educational outcomes off-campus and online.

Whether you are already teaching within an Extended Campus offering, or you are interested in joining your colleagues to reach out to new learners, the resources here will assist you in your endeavor.

Heading To See Potential Students?

Photo of giveaway items packed nto UNC Extended Campus bags

Extended Campus has great giveaway items that can help you engage potential students to learn more about your program. Whether you are presenting at a conference or organizational meeting, hosting a booth, or just stopping in to discuss needs with a large employer, we can help you make an impression. People love free stuff – and we have the coolest items! Contact susan.jewellklema@unco.edu or kathleen.white@unco.edu for help.

Who are UNC Extended Campus Students?

Extended Campus is here to help you bring UNC out to the rest of Colorado and the world. Our centers in Loveland, Denver and Colorado Springs, plus our online programs, allow us to extend your expertise to students who can’t make it to Greeley.

Students in Extended Campus Offerings

Career Advancers – Employed professionals seeking credentials to enhance their value to their current and future employers. They are very concerned about balancing school with their work and family responsibilities. They want convenient access with minimal frills but prompt service.

Career Changers – Students seeking either a first degree or a program that allows them to switch to a new career path. They are also very concerned about balancing work, family and student responsibilities but are more likely to accelerate their credits/enrollment as a quick transition to their new future. Many choose UNC because our programs are offered in fields that are socially meaningful and in high demand.

Lifelong Learners – professionals in fields that require continued education (courses, workshops or certificates) to keep their certification. However, those who choose UNC are also personally inspired to add current expertise to their knowledge and skills, so they seek out more rigorous and formal education options.

Current UNC On-Campus Students – Extended Campus workshops, independent study courses, faculty-led study abroad courses and other individual courses are available to on-campus students. These offerings are also listed on the master schedule of classes, and contribute to the variety of UNC options that help each student towards graduation. Tuition rates and other enrollment details may differ for Extended Campus offerings, and those details are indicated on the course information on our site.

Dual Enrollment High School Students - Each year, UNC enrolls approximately 600 students who take UNC content courses, developed and overseen by UNC faculty, via instruction delivered in their local high school. They earn UNC credit as a jump start on their college career. These opportunities are facilitated through Extended Campus.