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Legal Interpreter Training Program – Eligibility

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have at least one of the following certificates to be considered for the whole program:

  • CDI
  • CSC
  • CT/CI
  • NIC
  • ED: K-12 Secondary ASL
  • NAD IV or V
  • Or equivalent

Other certificates can be considered on a class by class base. The overarching goal of the certificate program is to lay the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for SC:L readiness. Therefore participants are advised in advanced that this is a rigorous academic program that requires substantive academic reading proficiency and advanced ASL to English and English to ASL interpreting skills in order to achieve successful completion.

While students will earn college credit, this is not a degree program. As such, applicants do not need to apply to the University or Graduate School. Applying through the MARIE Center is the only requirement.

Eligibility by State

At this time, UNC has secured approval to serve online education to students from every state and the U.S. Virgin Islands via our participation in NC-SARA and some additional state-by-state authorizations. However, we are not currently accepting students to our online programs who reside in Puerto Rico or the CNMIs. Due to how fluid these agreements can be at the state or federal level, we recommend checking our Eligibility by State page for details.

International Students

Students in completely online UNC programs are not required to come to the United States. You will not need student Visas or receive any immigration documentation, and do not need to provide financial documentation during the application process.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
4 terms
$340/ credit hour for Undergraduate
$412/credit hour for Graduate

Delivery Options:

  • Online program - contact the Off-Campus Program Coord. about the next offering

Off-Campus Program Coordinator:

Carrie Woodruff


Program Coordinator:

Leilani Johnson


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