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Biomedical Science MBS – Courses & Requirements

The Biomedical Science MBS program is specifically designed to improve or expand a post-graduate student's overall scholastic credentials. The program will provide a foundation in basic biology that underlies and supports medicine and therefore provides a strong framework for professional school preparation.

  • This program features an intensive course load completed in two semesters.
  • Students in the online delivery will complete 31 credit hours and are required to pass a comprehensive exam.
  • You will be enrolled in each course alongside students who are taking the courses on campus. You will view classroom session recordings and take part in online activities with other online and on-campus students.

Required Coursework (31 Credit Hours)

The coursework shown here is specifically chosen for online delivery. For full details of the Biomedical Science MBS, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog. [Please note that the catalog indicates the 30 credit hour minimum for program graduation. However, the course options that are required for online students totals 31 total hours, as noted below.]

To see a typical list of courses per term, visit an example Current Program Students page

Fall Semester (17 Hours)

BIO 502 Biomedicine and Careers (1)

BIO 547 Immunology and Disease (4)

BIO 548 Virology (3)

BIO 550 Cell Physiology (3)

BIO 552 Mammalian Physiology I (3)

BIO 555 Reproductive and Developmental Biology (3)

Spring Semester (14 Hours)

BIO 525 Molecular Genetics (3)

BIO 528 Developmental Biology (3)

BIO 545 Pathogenic Microbiology (3)

BIO 553 Mammalian Physiology II (3)

BIO 596 Foundations of Clinical Research (2)

Comprehensive Exam

Students will be required to pass a comprehensive examination covering material from core courses in order to graduate from the program.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
Less than 1 year (2 semesters / 9 months)
$555/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Ginger Fisher


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