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Brewing Laboratory Science Certificate Program

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An Undergraduate Brewing Science Certificate Focused on Brewing Quality Control

This mostly online Brewing Laboratory Science Certificate Program focuses on laboratory science practices that maintain quality control and assurance for brewing. You will learn laboratory skills and proper brewing techniques at the macro-brewing and micro-brewing levels using American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) analytical methods.

  • Learn what it takes to work as a brewery lab scientist, conducting tests to ensure correct alcohol content, color, flavor, carbon dioxide, and other variables.
  • Apply methods that maintain consistency between batches, contain costs and allow for sustainable production practices.

What About Tasting Beer?

We have courses for that too! Check out the Brewing section of the Courses & Workshops list for upcoming beer sensory analysis courses.

After an initial online course, students will gain practical experience with an intensive Summer session at our brewery on campus (Greeley, CO). Affordable on-campus accommodations will be available for students who do not live near campus.

You must be at least 21 years old by the beginning of the summer face-to-face courses.

Note: If you are currently a degree-seeking UNC student, please speak with the Program Coordinator about the course sections for admitted students.

Crabtree Brewing founder Jeff Crabtree tells the story of the Top Hop program, and the distribution of Crabtree / UNC Brewing collaboration beers.

Laboratory Science Addresses Critical Quality Control Needs for The Growing Beer Industry

This certificate prepares you as a brewing laboratory scientist with a focus on the methods of analysis and quality assurance in the production of beer. After completing the program, you will be uniquely qualified for positions such as Brewing Scientist, Assistant Brewer, Brewing Laboratory Technician and other roles in the brewing production and quality control processes.

The need for brewing laboratory science skills—in Colorado and nationwide—is very clear. Colorado is third in the nation in breweries per capita, and boasts a 23% average annual brewery growth rate over the past three years (Brewers Association). But within this expanding market, breweries that fail often cite lack of quality control and consistency issues as a contributing factor (Denver Post). Position yourself for a critical and growing role in the brewing industry.

More Resources

See the Chemistry and Biochemistry department's Brewing Laboratory Science information.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
6 months
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Michael Mosher


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