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Brewing Laboratory Science Certificate Program – Online + Summer Greeley Visits

Get Started – This Program Begins Each Spring Term (January)

U.S. applicants (outside of Colorado) for online programs: please be sure to check your eligibility by state of residence.

Application Deadline

Note for Already Admitted UNC Students

If you are currently a degree-seeking UNC student, you will not need to do the application steps below. Please speak with the Program Coordinator about the Brewing Laboratory Science options for admitted students.

Applications are due each year on December 1 for this program for anyone wishing to start the following January. If space is available, some applications may be accepted In December and early January. If you are attempting to apply after the deadline, please also contact the Program Coordinator to inform them of your intentions.

Application Process

Note: on the first day of the second course (CHEM 470), you must present a government-issued photo ID verifying that you are at least 21 years old. Students who are not 21 by that date will be dropped from the course.

  1. Please contact the Program Coordinator about your eligibility for the Extended Campus program delivery.
  2. Complete the Directions for Course Registration and Activation. Steps 1 and 2 of this document involve applying and then activating your student accounts.
  3. Email the Academic Program Coordinator to inform them that you have completed activation of your UNC student accounts.
  4. Register for the Spring term courses (registration is usually open by early November). Visit the Current Students page, which lists the upcoming courses each term.
    • Use the link above and then open the Brewing tab and choose the link for the upcoming cohort of this Online + Summer Greeley Program.
    • Both the "directions" document above, and the yellow Student Resources box on the current students page for the certificate, have directions to help you register for your courses.


Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
6 months
Tuition & Lab Fees:

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Michael Mosher


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