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School Counseling Ma – Courses & Requirements

Course Timing & Sequence – Designed for WOrking Professionals

  • Classes are offered in an intensive weekend format.  (Friday-4-10pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday 8am-4pm)
  • Students take one course at a time over two weekends, typically with a weekend off in between.
  • Most students are full-time graduate students (taking nine or more credits a semester), however part-time enrollment is an option as well.
  • Students are able to work full-time while working on their graduate degrees

Course of Study (63 Credit Hours)

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

For an example of upcoming courses, visit the Current Program Students page for the Denver Center or Colorado Springs Center counseling program deliveries.

APCE 558 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (3)

APCE 602 Foundations of School Counseling (3)

APCE 603 Understanding Children, Adolescents, and Their Systems (3)

APCE 605 Group Laboratory Experience (1)

APCE 606 Theories and Practices in Group Guidance (3)

APCE 607 Theories of Counseling (3)

APCE 608 Organization, Administration and Evaluation of School Counseling Programs (3)

APCE 612 Practicum in Individual Counseling (5)

APCE 614 Internship in School Counseling and Guidance (6)

APCE 616 Career Theory, Counseling and Assessment (3)

APCE 619 Practicum II in Individual Counseling (3)

APCE 623 Understanding and Counseling Diverse Populations (3)

APCE 624 Assessment and Treatment of Substance Abuse (3)

APCE 657 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Counseling and Psychology (3)

APCE 660 Psychological Consultation: Theory and Practice (3)

APCE 661 Psychological Trauma and Intervention for Individuals, Families and Communities (3)

APCE 665 Family Systems (3)

APCE 673 Appraisal and Assessment in Counseling (3)

PSY 530 Life Span Developmental Psychology (3)

SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
2-3 years
$575/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Heather Pendleton-Helm


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