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School Psychology EdS (with or Without Applied Behavior Analysis Emphasis) – Courses & Requirements

This Educational Specialist degree is a post-bachelor's program that prepares graduates for full School Psychology licensure. The credits and time to completion include a paid internship phase that helps you progress into your School Psychology role with valuable supervised practice. It takes most students 2.5 years to complete academic and applied coursework, followed by the one-year internship.

  • The School Psychology Ed.S. program (with no emphasis) is 71 credit hours.
  • The School Psychology Ed.S. – Applied Behavior Analysis Emphasis program is 78 credit hours.

Degree Requirements

For an example of upcoming courses, visit an example Current Program Students page.

The non-emphasis and emphasis programs are very similar, sharing 68 credit hours of the same coursework. The Applied Behavior Analysis Emphasis coursework differences are explained toward the bottom of this page.

Psychological and Educational Foundations (43 Hours)

APCE 607 Theories of Counseling (3) or APCE 707 Seminar in Personality and Counseling Theories (3)

APCE 625 Applied Developmental Science (3)

APCE 628 Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (3)

APCE 629 Measurement and Experimental Design in Applied Behavior Analysis (3)

APCE 640 School-Based Psychological Consultation (3)

APCE 655 Family, School, and Community Contexts (3)

APCE 656 Systems-Based Behavioral Health (3)

APCE 667 Crisis Intervention in the Schools (3)

APCE 670 Principles of Psychometrics and Assessment (3)

APCE 747 Psychological Aspects of Academic Programming & Intervention (3)

APCE 758 Advanced Psychopathology (3)

APCE 763 Legal and Professional Foundations Of School Psychology (4)

APCE 781 Evaluation of Psychological Services (3) – This course is only for non-emphasis students

EDSE 630 Applied Behavior Analysis I (3)

Applied Practice in School Psychology (19 Hours)

APCE 618 Practicum in Child, Adolescent and Family Interventions (5)

APCE 644 Assessment I: Cognitive and Academic Functioning (5)

APCE 645 Social and Behavioral Assessment in the Schools (3)

APCE 779 Practicum in School Psychology (6)

Multicultural Understanding (3 Hours)

APCE 623 Understanding and Counseling Diverse Populations (3)

Supervised Field Work / Internship (6 Hours)

APCE 789 Internship in School Psychology (6) – 3 semesters of 2 credit hours, resulting in 1200 hours of supervised experience working with a variety of populations and roles.

National School Psychology Exam

All students must take and pass the National School Psychology Examination.

Applied Behavior Analysis Emphasis Option

The Applied Behavior Analysis Core includes some coursework that is also taken by non-emphasis students (APCE 638, APCE 629, and ESDE 630) along with the following additional courses. The ABA courses are generally offered completely online.

APCE 631 Applied Behavior Analysis II (3)

EDSE 632 Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis (3)

EDSE 633 Application of Applied Behavior Analysis (4)

Note: the 10 credit hours from this coursework, minus the three credit hours not taken (APCE 781) makes the ABA Emphasis version of the program 78 credit hours instead of 71.

Additional Requirements by the BACB For Your BCBA Credential

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)® is a nonprofit organization that credentials behavior analysts who have

  • Completed a BACB-verified course sequence such as this one;
  • Accrued sufficient field experience hours [To qualify at the BCBA® level, the BACB requires supervisees to complete 1,500 hours of Supervised Independent Fieldwork in behavior analysis - UNC can provide some support for supervision hours for master's students to contribute to this requirement] and;
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the field via the BCBA examination. UNC will provide simulated exams and other student exam preparation tools for all students.

More information about BCBA certification requirements.


For full details, see the official program listings in the UNC Graduate Catalog:


Credits Required:
No Emphasis = 71
With ABA Emphasis = 78
Time to Completion:
3.5 years including 1 year paid internship
$575/credit hour

Delivery Options:

  • Denver + Online (Hybrid) - starts Summer term 2018
  • Please note that we do NOT have a completely online delivery of this program.

Program Coordinator:

Kathrine Hak, Ph.D., BCBA-D