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Dietetics: BS or DPD-Only (Didactic Dietetics Education Certificate Program) – Courses & Requirements

Two Distance Dietetic Program (DDP) Options

  • DPD-Only – The Didactic Dietetics Education Certificate Program is for those who already have a bachelor's degree and only wish to complete the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements
  • Bachelors Degree – The Dietetics Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is for those who want to complete their bachelor’s degree, or seek a second bachelor's degree, in Dietetics.

Your degree, whether previously earned or earned at UNC as part of this program, plus completion of the DPD requirements will earn you a Verification Statement. This statement will permit you to apply for dietetic internships on your path to becoming a registered dietitian. For more information visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.

The Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)

The DPD requirements include 30 courses, of which UNC provides 15 courses (31 credits) online.

No matter which program you choose, some required coursework will be completed prior to or during your enrollment in this Distance Dietetic Program. These courses are taken at a regionally-accredited institution where you live or online and transferred in to UNC.

See the official program listings in the UNC Undergraduate Catalog:

All 30 DPD courses must be completed whether you are pursuing the DPD-only or the BS degree. For an example schedule of courses for the didactic online program, see the Current Program Students page.

Descriptions of the 30 courses and their prerequisites can be found in the Distance Dietetic Program Curriculum Guide.

UNC DDP Curriculum – Delivered Online

UNC offers the following 15 courses (31 credits) online. Spring and Fall semesters follow a 16-week semester format. Summer term courses are offered in an 8-week format.

Summer Semester (1st)

FND 252 Nutrition in the Life Cycle (3 credits – 8 weeks)

FND 310 Introduction to Foods (2 credits – 8 weeks)

FND 310L Introduction fo Foods Lab (2 credits – 8 weeks)

Fall Semester (1st)

FND 370 Nutrition Education and Application Strategies (3 credits – 16 weeks)

FND 430 Nutrition Assessment and Intervention (2 credits – 16 weeks)

FND 430L Nutrition Assessment and Intervention Laboratory (1 credit lab – 16 weeks)

Spring Semester (1st)

FND 431 Medical Nutrition Intervention (2 credits – 16 weeks)

FND 431L Medical Nutrition Intervention Laboratory (1 credit lab – 16 weeks)

FND 451 Advanced Nutrition (3 credits – 16 weeks)

Summer Term (2nd)

FND 320 Nutrition Applications in Foodservice (2 credits – 8 weeks)

FND 320L Nutrition Applications in Foodservice Laboratory (1 credit lab – 8 weeks)

FND 452 Community Nutrition (3 credits – 8 weeks)

Fall Semester (2nd)

FND 410 Professional Development Seminar (2 credits – 16 weeks)

FND 446 Food Service Systems Management (3 credits – 16 weeks)

FND 446L Food Service Systems Management Laboratory (1 credit lab – 16 weeks)

Dietetics Bachelor of Science Graduation Requirements

If you are earning a bachelor's degree from UNC as part of this program, the following requirements apply:

  • 120 total credit hours, which include the 30 DPD courses.
  • See the Eligibility & Transfer Credit page for details about transferring your previous college credit.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and grades of C or better in all degree-required courses to earn a B.S. Dietetics degree.
  • For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Undergraduate Catalog

Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Coursework (40 credit hours)

UNC requires a set of courses intended to provide a core of liberal arts knowledge and skills that will make you a continual learner across disciplines.

LAC Categories & Credits Required
  • Area 1: Communication/Composition (6 hours, including SCI 291)
  • Area 2: Mathematics (3 hours, including STAT 150)
  • Area 3: Arts & Humanities (6-9 hours from 2 subcategories)
  • Area 4: History (3)
  • Area 5: Social & Behavioral Sciences (3-6 hours, including PSY 120)
  • Area 6: Physical & Life Sciences (7 hours, including BIO 110 and CHEM 111)
  • Area 7: International Studies (3)
  • Area 8: Multicultural Studies (3)
Waiver of Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Requirements

Individuals with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or a Bachelor’s degree (regardless of date of completion) from an accredited public institution in the State of Colorado, will have their Liberal Arts Core requirements waived.

Individuals with an out-of-state or private institution degree will qualify for a waiver of Liberal Arts Core requirements if they have successfully completed at least one course in each of the following areas: Communication (Area 1), Mathematics (Area 2), Arts & Humanities (Area 3), History (Area 4), Social & Behavioral Sciences (Area 5), and Physical & Life Sciences (Area 6). If these requirements are not met, the student will need to fulfill the requirements of the Liberal Arts Core in full by the time of their UNC graduation.

Taking Prerequisites or Liberal Arts Courses Online

If you are missing any of this coursework:

  • The UNC Course Search – choose "public class schedule" (many LAC course offerings are during Summer sessions; UNC does not currently have online LAC courses in the following subjects: Math, and Science with lab).
  • The Colorado Online and Distance Education site lists a variety of online and independent study courses offered by Colorado 4-year state institutions.
  • You can also search for online courses at Colorado Community Colleges Online.

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Credits Required:
DPD-Only: 30 courses (15 provided by UNC)
BS Degree: 120 credits including the DPD courses
Time to Completion:
5 terms (18 months)
$405/credit hour

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Off-Campus Coordinator:

Amy Baird


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