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Dietetics MS (With or Without Dietetic Internship) – Courses & Requirements

2 Options: Master's Only; and Master's + Dietetic Internship

  • The Dietetics MS degree without internship is for those who are already a Registered Dietitian Nutrititionist (RDN) and who only need the master's degree program.
  • The Dietetics MS with Dietetic Internship degree is for those who have completed their Didactic Program in Dietetics and who would like to complete both their internship (for RDN eligibility) and a master's degree.
  • To see a typical list of courses per term, visit an example Current Program Students page.
  • If you are only interested in the internship, please visit our Dietetic Internship (Post-Baccalaureate) information.

Master of Science Degree (No Internship)

  • The Dietetics MS degree-only program is 35 credit hours and can be completed fully online in less than two years.
  • You will take courses only in the Fall and Spring terms (with Summers off).
  • The official program description is available in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

Required Coursework (35 Credit Hours)

The coursework below represents 27 required credits and 6 credit hours of elective coursework that allows you to add interdisciplinary topics that support your career and personal goals.

Year 1 – Fall

FND 530 Nutrition Assessment & Intervention Methods (3)

FND 551 Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism - Macronutrients (3)

FND 570 Nutrition Counseling Methods (3)

Year 1 – Spring

FND 553 Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism - Micronutrients (3)

RCS 610 Interpretation and Evaluation of Behavioral Research (3) or SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)

Elective Course (3) – You will work with your advisor on interdisciplinary course options.

Year 2 – Fall

FND 610 Nutrition Communication (3)

FND 620 Current Topics in Nutrition and Dietetics (3)

FND 652 Public Health Nutrition (3)

Year 2 – Spring

FND 686 Dietetics Capstone (5) – The Dietetics MS requires a capstone course which provides students the opportunity to complete an in-depth study of an area of evidence-based research/practice, write a comprehensive paper and present the project results.

Elective Course (3) – You will work with your advisor on interdisciplinary course options.

Master of Science with Dietetic Internship

The combined Dietetics Master of Science with Dietetic Internship program is 55 total credit hours including courses that support the required supervised internship hours that you need in order to apply for your Registered Dietitian credential.

  • You will complete the master's coursework mentioned above, including the capstone course, plus the coursework/requirements below in support of the Internship portion.
  • The Internship portion begins the Summer term immediately following completion of the master's degree coursework.
  • The official program description is available in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

Mandatory In-Person Orientation

All students must attend a 3-day orientation on our campus (Greeley, Colorado) in late June of the Summer they begin the internship portion.

Required Courses (20 Additional Credit Hours)

You will enroll in a practicum course for support of your internship. Completion of the internship requires 20 credit hours total over your internship enrollment.

FND 592 Dietetics Supervised Practice (20 total)

Internship Oversight

ACEND Accreditation

This internship program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Dietetics and Nutrition Education (ACEND, formerly CADE) with the American Dietetic Association.

Students, with the program director’s guidance, will select the facilities where they will complete their practice experience and will play a role in designing their program of study. Although each intern has his / her own program of study, all of the Required Competencies and Assignments must be completed by all interns, in not less than 1,200 practice hours. A minimum of 300 hours must be scheduled in rotation schedules for each of the Clinical, Community and Foodservice sets of rotations. The selected concentration area must have a minimum of 200 practice hours. If you have specific questions regarding the Dietetic Internship component of the master's degree, please go to the department's Dietetic Internship information.

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Credits Required:
Master's degree = 35
Master's + Dietetic Internship = 55
Time to Completion:
Master's degree = Less than 2 years
Master's + Dietetic Internship = Less than 3 years
$565/credit hour

Delivery Options:

  • Online Program - starts each Fall term
  • Note: Internship students will have a 3-day in-person orientation at start of internship

Please refer questions to:

Janice Riegel