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Dance Education MA (with Optional Teaching Licensure) – Courses & Requirements

This program is delivered mostly online, plus two short face-to-face Summer institutes.

  • Master's-only students: You will start in Fall term and finish coursework in two years, plus one additional semester for thesis work.
  • Master's with licensure students: You will start in Summer term taking teacher preparation coursework. You will be joined by additional Dance Education students online in the Fall, and you will finish in 2.5 years plus a semester for thesis work and student teaching.

All students:

  • You will take one Dance Education course each Fall and Spring term online.
  • You will visit our campus in Greeley, Colorado, each summer for a 2-week face-to-face institute with additional online coursework.

The on-campus Summer workshops (in July) will involve choreography, learning dance forms, movement skills/technique, pedagogy, interdisciplinary teaching through dance, creative dance, injury prevention, and dance production.

Course of Study

For an example of upcoming courses, visit the Current Program Students page.

Required Courses (27 Hours)

DNCE 550 Dance History - Tribal Cultures to Current Times (3)

DNCE 560 Dance Movement Skills & Pedagogical Approaches (3)

DNCE 565 Interdisciplinary Teaching & Advocacy in Dance (3)

DNCE 570 Doing, Teaching, & Appreciating Choreography & Creative Dance I (3)

DNCE 575 Dance Lesson, Curriculum & Assessment Design (3)

DNCE 600 Movement & Dance – Framing a Research Question (3)

DNCE 693 Popular Dance Forms (3)

DNCE 695 Doing, Teaching & Appreciating Choreography  (3)

DNCE 697 Dance Production Techniques (3)

Thesis (6 Hours)

A written thesis is required of all students. There are six credits of thesis advisement, taken via two courses.

DNCE 690 Thesis (3)

DNCE 699 Thesis II (3)

Teacher Preparation Coursework (24 hours; Only for Licensure students)

EDFE 125 Application for Graduate Licensure Admission to PTEP (0)

EDF 500 Conceptions of Schooling (3)

EDF 130 Application for Student Teaching (0)

EDFE 554 Secondary Practicum (3)

EDFE 555 Supervised Student Teaching (9)

EDRD 523 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3)

EDSE 509 Strategies for Students with Exceptionalities (3)

PSY 500 Educational Psychology for Teachers (3)


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Credits Required:
MA-Only: 33
MA with Teaching License: 57
Start Term:
MA-Only: each Fall
MA with Teaching License: each Summer
Time to Completion:
MA-Only: 2 years + Thesis
MA with Teaching License: 2.5 years + Thesis/Student Teaching
$520/credit hour

Delivery Option:

Program Co-Coordinator:

Christy O'Connell-Black