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Special Education Director (Licensure) – Courses & Requirements

This program combines graduate level course work in special education, special education administration, and educational leadership/policy studies. An individually designed externship in special education administration, with a licensed special education director, is required to demonstrate program competencies.

  • The program may require less than 28 credit hours if you have already completed a special education master's degree or a Principal Licensure program.
  • All students will have an individual program plan developed to guide your enrollment and completion.
  • One or two courses in the program will include synchronous learning sessions where the professor and students meet online at the same time. Students will have input on session scheduling.
  • Visit the Current Program Students page to see a list of upcoming courses by term.

Required Courses (28-39 Credit Hours)

EDSE 510 Foundations of Special Education (3)

EDSE 511 Learning Environments and Cultural Considerations (3)

EDSE 512 Assessment, IEP Development and Instructional Planning (3)

EDSE 680 Administration and Supervision of Special Education (3)

EDSE 681 Administrative Planning and Program Evaluation in Special Education (3)

EDSE 697 Externship in Special Education: Administration (1-12)

EDSE 718 Advanced Seminar in Education of Students with Hearing and/or Visual Handicaps (3)

ELPS 650 School Finance and Budgeting (3)

ELPS 654 Instructional Leadership and Supervision (3)

ELPS 660 Law and the Administrator (3)

For more information, see the UNC Graduate Catalog listing.

State Licensure

This program leads to recommendation for Colorado administrator license endorsed as a Director of Special Education K-12. Colorado offers licensure reciprocity with 48 states (all but FL & TX). However, if you wish to work outside of Colorado, you should check with your state office to ensure that this program fulfills all specific Special Education Administration/Director licensure requirements for your state.

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Credits Required:
28-39 hours (see Courses & Requirements page)
Time to Completion:
1–2 years (depending on previous coursework)
$575/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Kristine Melloy


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