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Special Education: Generalist Master of Arts or Endorsement-Only

Special Education: Generalist

A program designed for working professionals

The Special Education Generalist program prepares teachers to work with students who are identified with a variety of disabilities from moderate to severe intensity. Choose from a Master of Arts degree in Special Education with a Generalist emphasis, or an endorsement-only program. Both lead to Special Education Generalist Endorsement (Ages 5-21) preparation.

The program content will focus on literacy and mathematics instruction, understanding standards and assessment, behavior management, differentiated instruction, and technology. After completing this program, you will obtain the skills needed to provide appropriate behavior supports and accommodations for learning of students with disabilities.

If you are not currently a teacher but are looking for a career change, you may take additional courses (3-15 credits) to work toward obtaining your teaching licensure. This can be completed alongside your MA program and can be finished at the same time.

A History of Excellence

The School of Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado has a long history of excellence in the preparation of special education teachers. The school is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

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Credits Required:
Endorsement: 27
Master's: 33 (45 if you need teacher licensure)
Time to Completion:
Denver prog: 2 years inc. practicum experience
Online prog: 2 years + practicum experience
$495/credit hour

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Program Coordinators:

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