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Educational Psychology MA – Teaching Applications Emphasis – Courses & Requirements

Designed For Working Teachers

  • This 30-credit-hour program is completed online in five consecutive academic terms (20 months).
  • All students will take the same two courses each term and progress through the program together.
  • In the Fall and Spring semesters, the two courses are taken back-to-back in two 8 week sessions. In the summer term, the two courses are taken concurrently in a single 8-week session that runs from early June through July.

Courses by Term (30 Credit Hours)

Year 1 - Summer

PSY 500 Educational Psychology for Teachers (3) – June-July

PSY 600 Graduate Research Methodology (3)– June-July

Year 1 - Fall

PSY 530 Life Span Developmental Psychology (3) – 1st 8-week session

PSY 640 Cultural Issues in Educational Psychology (3) – 2nd 8-week session

Year 1 - SPring

PSY 644 Motivation in Education (3) – 1st 8-week session

PSY 681 Cognition and Instruction I (3) – 2nd 8-week session

Year 2 - Summer

PSY 595 Special Topics in Psychology, or other elective (3) – June-July

PSY 575 Educational Assessment (3) – June-July

Year 2 - Fall

PSY 697 Master's Project in Psychology (3-6) – 1st 8-week session

PSY 581 Brain and Education (3) – 2nd 8-week session (Please note that this course will be substituted to fulfill the PSY 540 requirement noted in the catalog.)

Comprehensive Exam: in the last semester, the students complete the Comprehensive Examination, which involves writing a paper that applies their knowledge of Educational Psychology to a topic or issue that is relevant to their practice as teachers or in other educational settings.


You can also view the course list and resources provided on the Current Students page.

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
5 terms (19 months)
$520/credit hour

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Program Coordinator:

Kevin Pugh



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