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Educational Psychology Master of Arts: Teaching Applications Emphasis

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A Teaching Master’s with a Psychology Focus

Students in the Educational Psychology: Teaching Applications master’s will develop an understanding of classroom methods that balance engaged learning with preparation for state-mandated testing measurements. This program serves teachers who want to foster critical thinking and student confidence in their classrooms.

This Program Will Enhance Your Knowledge of

  • How the brain and the environment influence learning across development
  • The nature of student motivation
  • The role of society and culture in learning
  • How to develop student confidence and interest in learning

This online program begins each Summer term. You can complete this master’s degree in 19 months, gaining the tools to optimize teaching and learning processes in the classroom.

Career Options for Graduates

Depending on your interests, prior experiences and existing certifications, this degree can prepare you to excel in the following positions:

  • Teaching: Advance your K–12, community college and child care teaching
  • Educational consulting
  • Business and industry training, research or evaluation positions
  • Measurement and assessment positions in industry, business or school systems

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
5 terms (19 months)
$495/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Marilyn Welsh


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