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Educational Studies EdD – Innovation & Education Reform Cognate – Courses & Requirements

This doctoral program is delivered mostly online, allowing you to complete the program while still working. Face-to-face sessions are limited to...

  • Five-day courses delivered in-person the first three Summers.
  • Your dissertation defense will also be presented in person during the final semester of your program.

Degree Requirements (64 Credit Hours)

To see a typical list of courses by term, visit an example Current Students page for this program.

Educational Studies Core (12 Hours)

EDF 670 Introduction to Research Literature (3)

EDF 685 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3)

EDF 700 Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum (3)

EDF 701 Doctoral Seminar (1 credit each Summer) – this is the five-day course where you will collaborate in person with your peers. This fulfills your doctoral residency requirement.

Innovation and Education Reform Cognate (24 Hours)

EDF 720 Foundations of Educational Research (3)

EDF 773 Literacy as Social Practice (3)

EDF 775 History of Education Reform and Change (3)

EDF 777 Social Justice in Educational Reform (3)

EDF 778 Social Theories of Learning and Organizational Change (3)

EDF 781 Perspectives on Curriculum (3)

EDF 785 Contemporary Education Reform (3)

EDF 787 Technology, Innovation, and Education (3)

Research Core (12 Hours)

SRM 602 Statistical Methods I (3)

SRM 680 Introduction to Qualitative Research (3)

SRM 686 Qualitative Case Study Research (3)

One additional research course

Dissertation (16 Hours)

EDF 797 Doctoral Proposal Research (4)

EDF 799 Doctoral Dissertation (12)

Scholarly Paper Requirement

Students are required to submit for publication one paper to a professional journal prior to dissertation proposal hearing. Other research endeavors prior to the dissertation are encouraged. Students may take EDF 795 Comprehensive Seminar (3) to support the writing of a scholarly paper.


For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
4 years
$580/credit hour

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Heng-Yu Ku, PhD


Program & Enrollment Manager:

Jon Shaw


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