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Education MAT – Elementary Education with Licensure Emphasis – Elementary Education Endorsement (Grades K-6) – Courses & Requirements

A High-Quality Program with Student Teaching Experiences

Our faculty developed the Extended Campus delivery of this master's degree as a fast-completion, high-quality route to teacher licensure. The coursework below covers graduate coursework with your peers, and teaching experiences in area schools, including:

  • Practicums: this field experience requires 160 hours (11 hours a week for 15 weeks) in an elementary classroom. You will be assigned to a school in the fall semester of the program. This experience includes some teaching responsibilities.
  • Student Teaching: a full time teaching responsibility that takes place in the spring semester of the program. You will be required to spend 16 full weeks in an elementary classroom. You may teach in any geographic location you choose: close to home, abroad, or anywhere in between. We do our best to accommodate your requests for placement, particularly by geographic area, but there are no guarantees of availability at a requested area/school.

Required Courses – 46 hours

EDEL 303 Health Education in Elementary School (1)

EDEL 520 Effective Instruction in Elementary School Mathematics (3)

EDEL 525 Integrated Methods:Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education (3)

EDEL 544 Elementary Student Teaching and Capstone Seminar (8)

EDEL 550 Effective Instruction in Elementary School Social Studies (3)

EDEL 555 Effective Instruction in Elementary School Reading, Writing and Communicating (3)

EDEL 602 Elementary School Practicum (2)

EDEL 612 Elementary School Curriculum (3)

EDF 500 Conceptions of Schooling (3)

EDRD 515 Content Literacy for Diverse Learners (3)

EDSE 430 Exceptional Student in the Elementary Classroom (2)

ET 501 Introduction to Applications of Educational Technology in PK-12 Education (3)

PSY 500 Educational Psychology for Teachers (3)

SCED 570 Teaching Science in the Elementary School (3)

SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
Teacher Licensure in 1 year, MAT in 15 months
$520/credit hour

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What Students Say

“The quick timeline and the convenience of where it was offered were important to me. Once I researched UNC’s great teacher education history, it was an easy choice.”

– Christian Kozlowski, program graduate