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Education MAT: English Education (With Interdisciplinary Cognates) – Courses & Requirements

This unique Master of Arts in Teaching degree blends English Education with interdisciplinary options that will help you build your graduate education to fit your teaching interests and needs. Most students will be able to complete this program fully online. Learn more about the variety of options, including the certificate-only program, below.

You can complete this program in two years if you take two courses per term (Summer, Fall and Spring). But you can choose to enroll in more or fewer courses each term based on your schedule, as long as you complete the requirements within 5 years. Note: if you take two or more courses in one term, you will be eligible for federal financial aid.

Master's Degree Requirements (30 Credit Hours)

For an example of upcoming courses, visit the Current Program Students page.

Required Courses (12 Credit Hours)

EED 600 Issues in English Education (3)

SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)

Choose two from the following Courses:

Cognate (18 Total Credit Hours)

You will direct your own program outcomes by building the course mix that suits your needs. You will select six total courses to complete these 18 credit hours. There are three options for choosing your coursework:

  1. You can select a single cognate (see the list below) for all six courses.
  2. You can select three courses each from two different cognates.
  3. You can create your own interdisciplinary cognate in collaboration with your advisor. You will submit a proposal detailing your desired courses and how they will be applicable to your final project.

Cognate Areas

*** Cognates #1 and #2 also fulfill the HLC content coursework qualification to teach dual/concurrent enrollment (and some college-level) English courses. ***

Composition and Literary Studies Graduate Certificate Program

Teachers who possess a master's degree who just want to pursue eligibility to teach college-level English courses can take the Composition and Literary Studies Graduate Certificate.

The certificate consists of the same coursework (18 credit hours) as cognate 1 of the master's degree. Tuition is the same as the master's program, and you will be in the same online courses. Contact the Program Coordinator with any questions.

English department information about the program

Official certificate listing in catalog

  1. Composition and Literary Studies – Note: this cognate provides coursework specifically tailored to prepare you to teach common dual enrollment and first-year college English courses.
  2. Literature, Film, Writing – Note: this cognate is not yet available online, but can be taken on-campus in Greeley (see Tuition page).
  3. Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education – Note: with this cognate, you can also earn your CLD Endorsement with one additional course substitution.
  4. Literacy
  5. Special Education Block
  6. Psychology
  7. Statistics & Research Methods – Note: only a portion of this cognate can be completed online; it can be part of a split cognate, or you can take some of the coursework on campus (see Tuition page).
  8. Curriculum Studies
  9. Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy

See the courses included in each cognate: English Education Course Descriptions by Cognate

Applied Project

You will also complete an applied project as part of this program. This project may include curriculum design, a professional portfolio, or a teacher inquiry research project. You will work with your MAT advisor to design the project, and you will be encouraged to employ academic research to address questions you have about your students’ learning (or your own learning).


For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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Credits Required:
Master's = 30
Certificate = 18
Time to Completion:
Master's = 2 years
Certificate = 1 year
$520/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Jeri Kraver, PhD