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Mathematics MA – Teaching Emphasis – Courses & Requirements

The Teaching emphasis of the Mathematic Master of Arts degree is offered mostly online, with scheduled online sessions, plus some Summer coursework on campus (Greeley, Colorado) in July each year. You can complete the program in just two years.

  • Fall and Spring term courses are completely online. These will include weekly synchronous (scheduled) course sessions, where instructors and students "meet" online at the same time. These will be held on Monday or Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. mountain time.
  • An online course will be delivered for four weeks each June, also with synchronous sessions that will last 2.5 hours and are typically held Monday through Thursday.
  • Two additional courses will be delivered in a hybrid format each July. These courses will be mostly online (with similar synchronous sessions as noted above), plus a visit to UNC campus for four days in July. The typical schedule for this on-campus week is Monday through Thursday, with one course in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Completion of this degree requires 30 credit hours. For an example of upcoming courses, visit the Current Students page. Note: the Current Students page is for students in this program and those in the Mathematics Graduate Certificate program.

Required Courses (9 Hours)

MATH 534 Continuous Mathematics (3)

MATH 543 Modern Geometry (3)

MED 600 Introduction to Research in Mathematics Education (3)

Electives and Action Research Project (21 Hours)

Group A – Math Courses (12+ Hours)

Students must take at least 12 credit hours from the following:

MATH 520 Functions and Equations (3)

MATH 528 Discrete Mathematics (3)

MATH 529 Mathematical Problem Solving (3)

MATH 537 Mathematical Modeling (3)

MATH 550 Applied Probability and Statistics (3)

MATH 591 Abstract Algebra and Number Theory (3)

MATH 599 Mathematics Action Research Project Seminar (3)

Group B – Math Education Courses (6+ Hours)

Students must take at least six credit hours from the following:

MED 555 Teaching Secondary math for Understanding (3)

MED 560 Culture in the Math Classroom (3)

MED 565 Quantitative Reasoning in Secondary Mathematics (3)

MED 595 Teaching Advanced Topics in Secondary School Mathematics (2)

MED 599 Action Research Project Seminar (3)

Action Research Project (3 Hours)

Instead of a comprehensive exam, you must take one of the following courses (also listed above in groups A & B) to guide you in selecting a problem, creating a literature review, and devising a plan for an Action Research Project: MATH 599 Mathematics Action Research Project Seminar (3) or MED 599 Action Research Project Seminar (3)


For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog. Please note that additional course options may be listed in the catalog description that are no longer offered.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
2 years
$520/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Jodie Novak, PhD


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What Students Say

“This program challenged me both personally and professionally. I feel like I have been molded into a more well-rounded educator, and not just in the field of mathematics.”

– Josh Urich, program graduate

“Learning to analyze the effectiveness of my teaching has not only been rewarding for me, but for my colleagues and ultimately my students.”

– Amanda Manley, program graduate

“The Math MA: Teaching program helps teachers see that ALL students are capable of achieving at a high level, and gives them the strategies and content knowledge to get the students there.”

– Kelly Shank, program graduate