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Secondary or K-12 Education Post-Baccalaureate Licensures – Coursework & Requirements


Content Proficiency Coursework (if needed)

Students will have their transcripts evaluated for proof of proficiency in the content area they wish to teach; this review will determine if you will need to take any additional content coursework. Additional coursework may be completed in consultation with your content advisor. Please contact the Off-Campus Program Coordinator to initiate an evaluation of your content coursework.

Continue on Later to Your Master's Degree

Up to 12 credits from this program may be applied to the Curriculum Studies MAT degree.

Required Courses

To see a typical list of courses per term, visit an example Current Program Students page.

Core Coursework

27 Credit Hours for Secondary Licensure; 21 credit hours for K-12 Licensure – Extended Campus Tuition Rates

EDF 500 Conceptions of Schooling (3)

EDFE 554 Secondary Practicum (3)*

EDFE 555 Supervised Student Teaching (9)

EDRD 523 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3)

EDSE 509 Strategic Studies for Students with Exceptionalities (3)

ET 501 Introduction to Applications of Educational Technology in PK-12 Education (3)*

PSY 500 Educational Psychology for Teachers (3)

*Secondary Licensure Students Only

Content Methods Coursework

3-6 Credit Hours – On-Campus Tuition Rates

You will take content methods coursework on campus that focuses on the teaching skills for your particular content area. Your content advisor will indicate which courses are required.

UNC Graduate Catalog Listings for Each Program

Secondary Education, Post Baccalaureate (7-12)

K-12 Education, Post Baccalaureate Licensure (K-12)

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Credits Required:
Secondary Education: 27 + any content area coursework
K-12 Education: 21 + any content area coursework
Time to Completion:
1 year
$400/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

John W. Haefeli


Program & Enrollment Manager:

Jon Shaw


Request Information

  • Send Me Info (the Secondary and K-12 programs are listed under Teacher Licensure)