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Applied Causal Evaluation of Policy & Innovation Graduate Certificate – Courses & Requirements

You can complete this 12-credit hour certificate in nine months (from late August through May each academic year).

  • Each online course is delivered one at a time. The 1-credit hour courses last three weeks; 2-credit hour courses last 6 weeks.
  • Synchronous course sessions, where instructors and students "meet" online, are held on Thursday evenings from 4-6 p.m. mountain time. Optional instructor office hour meeting times are also available.
  • Ten of the twelve credit hours are completed via core courses for all certificate students, and you can choose from elective options for the final two certificate credits.
  • For a schedule of courses by term, visit an example Current Program Students page.

A La Carte Enrollment is Available

If you only need 1 or a few courses, the ones that say "available a la carte" are available for enrollment without certificate admission (if you have a bachelor's degree). Some courses may have prerequisite course requirements. EII 604 is prerequisite for all other courses.

Directions for course by course "a la carte" enrollment.

Course of Study

Core Coursework (10 Credit Hours)

EII 604 Introduction to Applied Causal Evaluation of Policy and Innovation (1) – Available a la carte

EII 606 Methods in Causal Evaluation (2) – Available a la carte

EII 607 Ethical Data Management & Analysis I (2)

EII 609 Defining Interventions & Using Logic Models (1) – Available a la carte

EII 610 Randomized Control Trials in Schools (2)

EII 611 Process Evaluation (1) – Available a la carte

EII 614 Introduction to Cost Studies (1) – Available a la carte

Elective Course Options (Take 2 Credit Hours)

EII 608 Ethical Data Management & Analysis II (2) **

EII 612 Data Visualization for Educators (1) – Available a la carte

EII 613 Research-Practitioner Partnerships (1) – Available a la carte

EII 615 Application of Cost Analyses to Decision-Making (2) **

** These courses are anticipated to begin during the 2018-19 academic year.


For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

For detailed course objectives, visit the EII Curriculum Overview page.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
9 months (Late Aug. through May)
$700/credit hour
Delivery Mode:

Enrollment Options:

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Kristin Klopfenstein


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