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Teacher Leadership Graduate Certificate Program (non-Degree) – Courses & Requirements

A 100% Online Certificate

This 16 credit hour certificate consists of four 15-week courses and internship credits for you to apply the knowledge gained in the courses to a practical project at your school.

Coursework is completed on your schedule each week. Some courses will feature 1.5 hours of synchronous (meeting at the same time) online sessions per week, which will not be mandatory but will strengthen the program experience. Session scheduling will be collaboratively determined by the students and instructor.

Visit the Get Started – Online Program page for to see enrollment options and which upcoming terms will have certificate courses available.

Required Courses

For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

ELPS 601 Leadership Development through Inquiry (3)

ELPS 603 Shaping Organizations: Management and Leadership in Education (3)

ELPS 604 Understanding People: Professional Development and Educational Leadership (3)

ELPS 654 Instructional Leadership and Supervision (3)

ELPS 606 Internship in Educational Leadership (4) – You will sign up for 4 total hours of ELPS 606, 1 or 2 hours per term depending on your content course enrollment.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
Varies - see Get Started - Online Program page
$555/credit hour

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Program Coordinator:

Linda Vogel


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