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Nursing DNP – Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) Emphasis (Post-Bachelor's) – Courses & Requirements

This program is designed with part-time study for working nurses. You can complete the 94 credit hour program in five years.

  • See the Planned Course Sequence (listing which courses will be delivered each term of your program).
  • All courses except clinical and practicum courses are delivered online.
  • There are two Summer visits to our campus in Greeley, Colorado, during which you will complete some of your clinical hours. The School of Nursing works in partnership with Banner Health, Medical Center of the Rockies, Platte Valley Medical Center and area extended care facilities for clinical experience opportunities.
  • The majority of your practicum clinical hours will be completed at rural facilities in your regional area. Colorado students who aren't currently living in or near a rural area will have support from Centennial AHEC for housing arrangements related to covering those hours, and students outside of Colorado can contact other area offices of the AHEC network.

Required Coursework (94 Credit Hours)

For an example of upcoming courses, visit the Current Program Students page. Though students start the program each Fall term, the current students page will serve all current Nursing DNP: AGACNP students on one page.

Nursing Science BS to DNP Core (24 Hours)

NURS 507 Policy, Leadership, and Nursing Issues (3)

NURS 601 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing (3)

NURS 608 Advanced Health Care Concepts (3)

NURS 618 Epidemiology in Advance Nursing Practice (3)

NURS 668 Population Centered Health Care (3)

NURS 678 Professional Practice and Healthcare Finance Seminar (3)

NURS 700 Advanced Nursing Theory (3)

NURS 707 Leadership in Health Policy (3)

Nursing Practice / AGACNP Emphasis (38 hours)

NURS 612 Advanced Pharmacology (4)

NURS 613 Advanced Health Assessment (4)

NURS 614 Advanced Pathophysiology (3)

NURS 624 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention in Advanced Practice of Nursing (3)

NURS 651 Adult Gerontology Acute Care I (3)

NURS 652 Adult Gerontology Acute Care II (3)

NURS 653 Adult Gerontology Acute Care III (3)

NURS 682 AGACNP Practicum I (3)

NURS 683 AGACNP Practicum II (2)

NURS 684 AGACNP Acute Care Skills (1)

NURS 686 AGACNP Practicum III (3)

NURS 690 Advanced Professional Role (2)

NURS 693 AGACNP Synthesis Practicum (4)

Research Core (29 Hours)

NURS 606 Research & Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing (3)

NURS 723 Design, Methods and Analysis in Health Care Research, Part I (3)

NURS 724 Design, Methods and Analysis in Health Care Research, Part II (3)

NURS 725 Translational Research Methods (3)

NURS 791 DNP Seminar I (1)

NURS 792 DNP Seminar II (1)

NURS 793 DNP Seminar III (1)

NURS 795 DNP Capstone Project Proposal Seminar (2)

NURS 798 DNP Project Practicum (12 total)

Elective (3 Hours)

3 elective credits required, approval of program coordinator needed.

Clinical Hours (1,170 Hours)

A minimum of 1,170 clinical hours are completed while enrolled in the clinical/practicum courses (NURS 678, 682, 683, 684, 686, 693 and 798). These courses involve advanced practice skills labs, evidence-based practice simulations and clinical decision-making competencies, as well as clinical hours in advanced practice skill acquisition.

Faculty will work with students on clinical placement with preceptors (licensed physician, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife or physician assistant). 

DNP Capstone Project

Because of the clinical focus of this degree, rigorous academic standards are maintained throughout the program rather than completion of a dissertation. The student will complete a DNP Capstone project. This will be an evidence-based, scholarly project (via the NURS 795 and 798 courses listed above) designed by the student in collaboration with a faculty advisor.


For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
5 years (part-time)
$620/credit hour

Delivery Options:

Program Coordinator:

Audrey Snyder, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC


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