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Sport & Exercise Science MS – Sport Administration EMphasis – Courses & Requirements

This online program can be completed in one calendar year, and you can still work while pursuing your master's degree. Some students coordinate their internships during one extra term.

The program internships provide special opportunities to help you bridge the gap between theory and experience, which means you will complete our program with working knowledge and connections in the field.

Course of Study (30 Credit Hours)

To see a list of upcoming online courses per term, visit the Current Program Students page.

Sport Administration Courses (21 Hours)

SES 560 Critical Thinking and Ethical Considerations in Sport Administration (3)

SES 570 Administration of Sport Organizations and Employees (3)

SES 576 Sport Promotion and Marketing (3)

SES 602 Introduction to Research in Sport & Exercise Science (3)

SES 650 Financial Management for Sport Organizations (3)

SES 675 Sport Facility and Event Management (3)

SES 688 Legal Aspects of Sport (3)

Electives / Professional Project / Thesis (Minimum 9 Hours)

SES 671 Fundraising & Development in Sport (3)

SES 692 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science (3 or 6) – designed to assist students in gaining experience in the sport industry and/or to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

SES 699 Thesis (6) – designed for students who may continue to a Ph.D. program.


For full details, see the official program listing in the UNC Graduate Catalog.

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Credits Required:
Time to Completion:
12-15 months
$565/credit hour

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Program Coordinator:

Alan Morse, PhD


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What Students Say

Seth Tjaden

“The UNC master’s program proved to be a tremendous asset to my growth within the Sport Administration field. The program not only teaches theoretical aspects of Sport Administration but more importantly teaches you how to utilize those theories in the field. Another great aspect is how they schedule the program with the working person in mind, allowing you to pursue the degree as you continue to work.”

– Seth Tjaden, US Air Force Academy Athletics

Terry Anderson

“I chose the Sport Administration program because I had heard that this was one of the top programs in the country. My professors provided an outstanding education where they were able to share their real life experience and didn’t just teach us out of a book. The program was challenging and they kept us engaged because we used the knowledge and tools we acquired on projects we completed for sports organizations.”

– Terry Anderson, Program Coordinator, Aims Community College

Lisa Elson

“The design of the UNC program and the attentiveness of the faculty provided a great opportunity for me to earn my masters while working full time for the U.S. Olympic Committee. The coursework enabled me to understand how theories and what we learn in the classroom can be useful in my career. The broad life experiences the professors bring to the classroom really added to the quality of education I received.”

– Lisa Elson, Coordinator International Games, US Olympic Committee

Alex Yack

“­When I was deciding on where to get my Sport Administration Master’s degree, I was looking for several things: the experience of the faculty, convenience, and a small class size.  The University of Northern Colorado’s Sport & Exercise Science department checked all of these boxes.  During my time in the program I was challenged to think outside of the box, and given the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of classmates.  I can truly say my degree from UNC made it possible for me to get to where I am today.”

– Alex Yack, Assistant Athletics Director, Texas Tech University