Learn Software Development One Skill Set at a Time

Step Up to a Coding Career

Coding bootcamps put you on a fast track to a programming career, by providing immersive training on a compressed schedule.

But not everyone can reserve three months for non-stop training. That's why UNC offers Coding Bootcamp Badges, powered by The Software Guild. We will help you master .NET/C# or Java one skill set at a time, helping you speed your way to project-ready skills.

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There is no need to be intimidated if you don't have computer science or coding experience. Many students do not have a background in the field. You'll learn from master instructors with an average of more than ten years of industry experience, and you'll work on practical real-world problems to learn the qualifications and technologies that employers want most.

Coding Bootcamp Badges

What are Coding Bootcamp Badges? They offer an affordable, flexible way to learn software development.

  • Learn what you want: Begin with the Level 1 badge in .NET/C# or Java to learn programming basics. After earning your first badge, you’ll have a new credential for your resume and LinkedIn profile. But don't stop there. Earn all four badges to develop full-stack skills that can launch your coding career.
  • Learn when you want: You can obtain all four Coding Bootcamp Badges in as few as 10 months, or you can take a brief break between badges. This flexible schedule helps you keep your job while you learn to code.
  • Learn where you want: Training takes place online, giving you the freedom to learn wherever you choose. Collaborate with instructors and classmates from home, school or anywhere you have internet access.
  • Choose .NET/C# or Java


    Badge for .NET/C# language coding track

    Level 1 Programming Basics – Two months (120 hours)

    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • C# Syntax
    • NUnit framework

    Level 2 Object-Oriented Programming – Three months (240 hours)

    • .Net Collections
    • LINQ
    • System.IO
    • Tiered Application Design

    Level 3 Server-Side Web Development – Two months (120 hours)

    • ASP.NET Web API
    • Razor HTML Helpers
    • ASP.Net MVC
    • Model Binding

    Level 4 Full-Stack Web Development – Three months (240 hours)

    • Stored Procedures
    • ADO.NET
    • Entity Framework
    • Dapper
    • ASP.NET Identity

    Badge for Java language coding track

    Level 1 Programming Basics – Two months (120 hours)

    • NetBeans
    • Java Syntax
    • JUnit framework

    Level 2 Object-Oriented Programming – Three months (240 hours)

    • Java Collections
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Spring Framework
    • Tiered Application Design

    Level 3 Server-Side Web Development – Two months (120 hours)

    • Spring Web MVC
    • Servlets
    • JavaServer Pages
    • JSTL

    Level 4 Full-Stack Web Development – Three months (240 hours)

    • Spring JdbcTemplate
    • Java Persistence API (JPA)
    • Spring MVC Security
  • Costs & Financial Aid

    Pay as You Go

    In our budget-friendly program, we divide tuition into four stages. You'll pay smaller fees one badge at a time, with the option to pause the program between badges. You can earn the next badge – and develop your next set of skills – when you’re ready.

    Earn Discounts Along the Way

    For each badge you earn, we provide a discount for your next badge. For example, after you earn a Server-Side Web Development badge, you will qualify for $500 off a Full-Stack Development badge. Discounts total up to $1,000 as you pursue all four badges.

    Tuition Per Badge

    Introduction to Web Development


    Level 1 (Programming Basics)


    Level 2 (Object-Oriented Programming)

    $3,000 ($2,750 with Level 1 badge discount)

    Level 3 (Server-Side Development)

    $2,000 ($1,750 with Level 2 badge discount)

    Level 4 (Full-Stack Development)

    $3,000 ($2,500 with Level 3 badge discount)

    Financial Aid Award Opportunities

    University Award

    The $2,000 award is available to University of Northern Colorado graduates, current students and employees. To qualify for the award, alumni will need to be validated as having completed an academic certificate, endorsement, licensure or degree at UNC. Current students, faculty and staff will need to provide a valid Bear number or email from a current "@unco.edu" email address.

    Women Who Code Award

    This $2,000 award is available to female enrollees. Female students qualify based on self-identification.

    Veterans Who Code Award

    This $2,000 award is available to eligible military personnel in the following groups: reservists, veterans, and/or active-duty service members. To qualify for the award, students must present proof of eligibility (military original statement of service, or certificate of release or discharge).

    Terms and conditions: Awards may not be combined. To be granted award funds, recipients must successfully complete the admissions process, be admitted into the fully online coding bootcamp program and begin the first course prior to December 31, 2018. Students must also be in good standing, as defined by The Software Guild and University of Northern Colorado Extended Campus. These awards are available to UNC Coding Bootcamp Students from The Software Guild. They are not funded or managed by the UNC Office of Financial Aid.

    Awards will be evenly distributed across all four badge courses, with $500 awarded at the beginning of each badge course to directly reduce the cost of tuition for that course. The student must successfully complete all requirements of each badge before being granted an award for the next course. Awards will be applied as a reduction to the total course fee and will reduce the payment required.

  • Quality Training & High Employment Rates

    Backed By UNC and The Software Guild

    This offering is based on the University of Northern Colorado's desire to provide access to a specialized program that is in high need by employers. The Software Guild provides quality training in this field, with strong employment outcomes and high satisfaction ratings for their coding bootcamps. Through UNC you can now take a Software Guild bootcamp in segments, adding badges at each step that show your growing skill set.

    These are non-credit professional development badges, so they will not be transcripted UNC courses. For each level you complete, you will receive a badge that is labeled by the University of Northern Colorado and The Software Guild. Badges are an emerging credential, and your ability to proclaim coding skill from a leader in coding bootcamps will be a valuable asset in your future coding career

    An established credentialing partner, Parchment, will provide a web link to each digital badge. You’ll use the link to add each badge to your LinkedIn resume, Facebook profile and other job-related websites.

    Awards for Quality

    Course Report and SwitchUp, two authorities on coding education, recently recognized The Software Guild as a Best Bootcamp of the Year. This is more than a badge of honor. It means students and alumni have said that these bootcamps provide the training needed to become a skilled software developer.

    Best bootcamp award badge from Course Report

    Best bootcamp award badge from SwitchUp

    Employer Network

    As a Software Guild bootcamp apprentice, you will have access to The Software Guild's employer network of more than 450 companies. A team of Employer Network Managers will be there to assist you with your job search, including help with resume-building and interview practice. You will also learn critical soft skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork in the context of coding projects.

    What this means is that you will have great support and opportunities for employment in your new coding career. In fact, surveys conducted by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) show that more than 90% of those who completed The Software Guild bootcamps were employed in full-time, paid positions in the field within 180 days.

  • Application Process

    The application process for these intensive bootcamp badges will help you determine if you have the aptitude and mindset for success. You will have great support throughout the application process – and your progress through the badges.

    1. Complete the free Request Information form.
    2. An enrollment counselor will contact you to answer any questions, and you can conduct an admissions interview over the phone.
    3. You will take an aptitude test.
    4. We will send you an acceptance confirmation.
    5. Once you complete the enrollment forms and processing fee, you will be ready to begin your path to a career in software coding. You will begin the program with the free Introduction to Web Development Course (which takes 3-6 weeks depending on your prior knowledge).

Request Information or Apply!

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