Art Education Speaker Series (Professional Renewal)

Graduate Credit for Reflection on Arts-Based Research and Visual Arts Integration Presentations

Sessions presented by Julia Marshall at the 2019 ArtSource Summer Residency.

ART 513 is provided by the University of Northern Colorado to “Update skills and knowledge of professionals in the discipline. Goals and objectives will be specifically directed at individual professional enhancement rather than the acquisition of general discipline knowledge or methodologies.”

Attendees will examine and evaluate concepts of Arts Based Research-based and Visual Arts integration as an essential aspect of overall education with Julia Marshall. This course will require participants to explore the themes presented at the 2019 ArtSource Summer Residency, with further artmaking, readings, research and reflexive writings.

Course Goals

  • Attendees will incorporate metaphor in arts based research reflective practices
  • Attendees will concepts beyond “traditional Art” into their practice as educators, developing new methods and meanings
  • Attendees will identify practices from other disciplines that inform artmaking