Colorado Teaching for Artistic Behavior (Professional Renewal)

A Graduate Course for Application of the Conference Content

This course will require participants to explore the themes presented at the 2021 Colorado Teaching for Artistic Behavior Conference with further readings, research and reflexive writings.

In this two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB), also known as Choice-Based Art Education, which is a style of teaching that emphasizes individual strengths and fosters creativity in carefully constructed environments designed for student-directed learning.

Concepts will include advocacy for TAB methods of teaching, practical ideas for implementation of learning based on student choice, use of contemporary art in a TAB classroom and the role of play, surprise and innovation in the classroom and within a community. The conference will include break-out sessions for newcomers, experienced TAB teachers, and different grade levels.

Participants will submit a written reflection and a paper about how they have connected their new learnings to their classroom. Course will be graded S/U upon completion of requirements.