Graduate Credit for CCIRA Conference

A Reading / Literacy Professional Renewal Course

Earn graduate credit for reflection on your attendance at the 2023 CCIRA Conference on Literacy.

Join us for CCIRA 2023 A View From Here. Regardless of what your view might be, we hope this 3-day conference offers you both a respite and a spark. In the sessions and vendors, we hope you see yourself. We hope you learn something new. We hope you feel that wonderful mix of confirmation and challenge that leads to professional growth. We hope you reconnect with colleagues and perhaps make a new friend or two.   

As we constructed this three-day event, we wanted to bring together a diverse mix of educators and authors who would link to, extend, and then deepen four underlying threads:  bending perspectives, developing agency and identity, embracing diversity, and building empathy.

To complete this course, you will...

  • Attend 15 hours of conference sessions.
  • Actively engage in discussions related to the content of the conference with the intent that appropriate strategies learned at the conference will be applied.
  • Complete an online reflection discussing what was learned at the conference and how it will be applied to the participant’s daily instructional routines. Due to Lori Conrad by midnight, April 15, 2023.