On the Move: Supporting the Transition Process for Children & Families

A Special Education Workshop in Keystone, Colorado + Coursework Online

Young children encounter numerous transitions as they move between multiple environments and programs. For young children with and without disabilities, positive outcomes depend on smooth, effective transitions. In this course the participants across the early childhood sector will work together to make these transitions happen. We will share research-informed and field-tested practices and strategies to help improve the transition experiences of children and families and the professionals who serve them.

Course Objectives

  • Identify transition outcomes for children and families that can be used to create a vision for effective transition services.
  • Explore transition from various service and program perspectives.
  • Identify components of a formal interagency structure to help ensure effective teamwork across programs.
  • Identify practices and strategies that can guide children and families as they prepare for and adapt to new environments, both on a daily basis and over time.
  • Identify strategies that will help clarify roles and responsibilities for interventionists, teachers, administrators, families, and other community members.
  • Create a work plan to help the team set goals and track outcomes.