2022 Summer Institute on Deaf-Blindness & Significant Support Needs 

A Spring 2022 Special Education Professional Renewal Course

Communication, Friendships, Social Skills and Self-Determination: Strategies for Learners with Deaf-Blindness and Significant Support Needs

This course is presented in collaboration with ACVREP

Communication is at the core of everything we do with children and youth who are deafblind. Supporting students who are deaf-blind to become proficient communicators can challenge family members and even the most skilled and experienced educators. But there is rarely anything as thrilling as watching a child successfully communicate for the first time, whether it is to name an object or action or whether it is to express an emotion or describe an abstract concept.

There may never have been a more important time to focus on social skills, friendships, and self-esteem. Children and young adults are growing up in what public health experts are calling the loneliest generation in recorded history. What can families and educators do to ensure that these students have the skills they need to live rich, self-determined lives that include meaningful engagement and lasting friendships?

Course is graded Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory.


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    All of the participants of the course must be school-based professionals working with students with visual impairment, including blindness.

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