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Structured Literacy: In Action, Coaching and Program Analysis

A Fall 2021 Special Education Professional Renewal Course

This course is designed for current mild/moderate special education teachers to build on their knowledge of Structured Literacy through direct instruction in implementing a Structured Literacy scope and sequence with designated instructional supports in their classroom. Individual coaching will be provided by the instructor throughout the course. Case studies of students who are identified as having a Specific Learning Disability will be reviewed and monitored while the Structured Literacy scope and sequence is being implemented. Program analysis will be completed on curriculum materials given the elements and principles of Structured Literacy.

Through this course, educators will gain an understanding of how to implement a Structured Literacy scope and sequence with designated instructional supports in their classroom for small groups of students. The scope and sequence along with instructional materials will be provided to all participants. Reflective and individual coaching will be given by the instructor and with colleagues via video. In-depth program and curriculum analysis will be emphasized using the elements and principles of Structured Literacy.


  • Eligibility

    This course is intended for general educators, interventionists, and special education teachers in the Denver Public School district.

    Prerequisite: completion of structured literacy course 1 with a grade of B or higher.

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