Field Geology in Alcova, Wyoming

Summer 2019 Field Courses in Geology / Geosciences

The Alcova area of central Wyoming has a nearly complete sequence of sedimentary rocks ranging in age from the Archean through the Miocene that are well-exposed in spectacular folds and badlands. Many of these sedimentary rocks contain abundant fossils, including the shells of marine animals, and the bones and tracks of terrestrial animals. This course will examine these rocks, learn to map and describe them, and learn how to document fossil localities.

Students will learn the stratigraphic sequence and geologic history of the Alcova area; how to read and use topographic maps, map rock formations that have undergone folding and faulting; how to collect and describe fossil localities; and how to describe and measure stratigraphic sections. Each student will learn how to take detailed field notes, use GPS hand-held receivers, and make photograph logs. Students will also learn how to set up and be an active member of a field camp community, and will have to rely on the data of other students to be able to complete their research project. Finally, students will learn to write up the data and their interpretations as a brief but formal report.

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    ESCI 491-631 Syllabus
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