Teaching Sustainability (in the 21st Century) III

A Spring 2023 Geography Education Professional Renewal Course

This course provides a unique professional development opportunity for middle- and high-school educators in Colorado where participants will master geographic inquiries in sustainability using interactive, flexible web-based GIST (Geographic Information Sciences), a key component of STEM education, as a primary teaching tool in the classroom. Hence, this course aims to address such need in K-12 education (specifically secondary education) with the provision of a multi-year (2-year) institute where middle- and high-school educators will extend their current knowledge on social science topics in relation to environmental and sustainable thinking practices. These practices will be issues-based inquiries through a spatial lens in particular applications of web-based geospatial resources and visualization tools. Specifically during this term, students will develop web-based GIS skills including web applications that are more applicable GIS to classroom teaching and discussions.

This course is designed to provide a graduate credit for professional development. The main professional development initiative is one-year long Hewit institute provided to selected Colorado K-12 educators. Visit the William Hewit Institute information for details.

This course is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.