Sensory Analysis of Beer (4 Courses)

This is a four-part series of non-credit courses that will expose you to the difference between similar beer styles in the brewing industry. You will be given information on similar beer styles and how to discern one from another. This course will focus on how to tell the differences between beers such as porters and stouts, various pale ales, sour beers, etc.

Through this course, you will learn how to implement your own evaluation at whatever brewery you find yourself. By the end of the course, you should have a strong understanding of how to discern between similar beer styles on opposite ends of the beer flavor spectrum.

Beer Styles by Course

  • NCST 007-002 Belgian Styles - January 28
  • NCST 007-003 Pale Ales - February 25
  • NCST 007-004 German Styles - March 25
  • NCST 007-005 Wheat & Other Beer Styles - April 29

Want Even More Science with Your Beer?

You may also be interested in the Brewing Laboratory Science Certificate – a for-credit undergraduate certificate that addresses quality control for the growing brewing industry.

Please note: beer style is subject to change within 2 weeks of course date.

You can also choose to register individually for one or more of the courses. See the Register section below for details.

All course participants must be 21 or older (see details below) and will need to participate in a Breathalyzer analysis before being allowed to drive home.

Combined Syllabus

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    Combined Syllabus