Integrating Physical Activity into the School Community

An Online Fall Term Sport & Exercise Science Course

In its efforts to drive alleged academic competitiveness, the American education system is actually contributing to the biggest public health epidemic facing America today: childhood obesity.  In doing so, the system not only ignores the physical well- being of our students, but is actually creating a less competitive, underachieving American student populace. Fit kids do better.  They do better at school, at home, with their peer groups, and in their progression toward adulthood.  We know this, yet the American academic system is pushing us into an unhealthy downward spiral of inactivity, hypertension, and degrading performance on a global scale.

Through this course, university students will gain a robust understanding of the connection between physical activity (PA) and academic performance, and the practical skills to integrate PA into school communities. Additionally, the course will develop capacity for creating a systemic school-wide approach to the integration of PA in the student’s own school and how to model a healthy lifestyle.

Supporting health and wellness (physically and emotionally) is a critical function of an administrator if they are to develop a high functioning school environment.