Teaching Theatre Strategies (Non-Colorado Fall Term Conferences)

Professional Renewal  Course (Graduate Credit Tied to Theatre Conferences Outside Colorado)

Apply state and national standards to theatre curriculum created through workshops attended at the state, national and international conferences (37.5 contact hours minimum per credit hour, which includes workshops, performances, keynote speeches, seminars, business meetings and awards ceremonies).

Note: This course can be taken for 1, 2 or 3 credit hours. For 2 credit hours, you must also take a PDI (Professional Development Institute) if applicable at your event, and complete two unit plans as described in syllabus assignments #1 and #2. For 3 credit hours, you must complete all the above and assignment #3.


Course is letter graded.

Conference Options

  • EdTA National Conference (September 2023)
  • New Mexico Thespian Festival (October 2023)
  • Kentucky Thespian Festival (November 2023)
  • Indiana Thespian Festival (November 2023)
  • Iowa Thespian Festival (November 2023)
  • Texas Thespian Festival (November 2023)
  • Pennsylvania Thespian Festival (November 2023)
  • Michigan Thespian Festival (December 2023)
  • State or national theatre conference approved by instructor

If you will be attending a theatre conference in Colorado, please visit the THEA 513-600 course instead.