Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Enrollment

  • What is Dual Enrollment / Dual Credit?

    The Dual Credit Programs Act (CEPA) is a state law (HB09– 1319; SB 09-285; HB 12-1043) that allows high school students to simultaneously earn both high school and college credit. At UNC, it includes Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment.

    • Concurrent Enrollment Program: for students who attend courses on the UNC Campus. Concurrent Enrollment is processed by Office of the Registrar.
    • Dual Enrollment Program: offered through a partnership with Colorado high schools and UNC Extended Campus. Students attend courses at their high school.
  • What are the requirements to participate?

    • Student must be attending 11th or 12th grade in high school and under age 21
    • Each student must be approved by their high school counselor to take courses
    • Permission to participate must be received from the high school or school district
    • Must have parent approval and signature
  • Is Dual Enrollment right for me?

    Dual Enrollment is the opportunity to take challenging courses and accelerate your educational opportunities. Students interested in participating should speak with their high school counselor or district office prior to enrolling in courses. Students must understand that the amount of work necessary to succeed is much greater than in high school courses. Dual Enrollment courses become a part of a student’s permanent college transcript.

  • How do I participate in the program?

    Students wishing to participate must see their high school counselor or administrator for information on how their school participates in the program. The district must approve any participation in the program and will have specific applications that students must fill out before registering with UNC.

  • Is Dual Enrollment different than AP courses?

    Both courses are taught at the college level, but by participating in a Dual Enrollment class you get college credit immediately upon successful completion of the course. Dual Enrollment courses are taught by high school teachers. The course represents the same learning objectives and outcomes that are taught at UNC. 

    In an AP course, you must pass the AP end-of-course exam to be eligible to apply for college credit once you graduate from high school. Each college or university has specific qualifications for accepting AP courses as college credit. 

  • Do I have to apply for admission to UNC?

    You do not apply for UNC admission, but you will fill out a nondegree seeking dual enrollment application. Directions are available under item #2 of the How to Register or Drop page.

    If you also decide to attend UNC for your college degree, you will need to apply through the Office of Admissions. Courses you take as part of the Dual Enrollment program are counted towards your degree once you have matriculated to UNC. 

  • Is there a deadline to participate?

    Yes, please check the course list page for each school for specific course deadlines and information. Your account creation, participation agreement form and course registration must be completed no later than the add deadline for the term in which the student is attending the course. 

  • How do I pay my bill?

    Billing and Payment for Your Course

    Tuition for this course is listed in the Need to Know Info box on this page. Any course materials costs (textbooks, digital access, etc.) would be a separate or additional expense.

    Billing notification will be sent to your Bearmail (student email) account when your bill is ready. If you have not activated your Bearmail, directions are in the activation and registration instruction PDFs under item #2 of the How to Register or Drop page.

    All students will receive a bill. If your school arranges for payment of your bill, please check with them about the status of that payment. If you are responsible for paying your bill...

    • Please pay your bill by the end of the month in which it was received to avoid finance charges.
    • To view or pay your bill, log into Ursa and go to the Financial tab. You will not receive a bill in the mail; UNC has an eBill system.
    • Further instructions for finding and paying your bill are available on the UNC Bursar's website.
  • Can I apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)?

    No. Federal and state financial aid is awarded to those students who have earned their high school diploma or GED, have been accepted to UNC and declared an aid-eligible degree. The good news is that Dual Enrollment courses are offered at a much lower rate per credit hour than traditional college classes. 

  • Can I still participate in high school sports and activities?

    Yes. Participation is in accordance to your high school’s guidelines, including sports and extra-curricular activities. Students participating in Dual Enrollment are not NCAA eligible while still completing their high school degree. 

  • What types of courses can I take?

    Your high school counselor will be able to provide the information on what courses are offered. We also list the courses available at each school.  

  • How many classes/credits can I take?

    Each high school has a different policy on the number of credits a student can take each year. Contact your high school counselor for your school’s policy. UNC does not limit the amount of credits a student may take. 

  • Can I take classes in summer?

    At this time, UNC and high schools have only partnered on courses that are offered during Fall and Spring semesters. 

  • Whom should I contact for assistance in choosing classes?

    Students should first see their high school counselor for information on available courses and your eligibility. All high school students taking courses through UNC Dual Enrollment must have a parent/guardian sign their Participation Agreement Form during the UNC dual enrollment application process.

  • What kind of grades do I have to maintain?

    Students who earn a grade of "C-" will be given one additional opportunity to register for additional course(s) in order that they keep their UNC grade point average above a 2.0. Students who earn a grade lower than a "C-" while enrolled as a Dual Enrollment student are no longer eligible to participate in any additional UNC Dual Enrollment courses.

  • Do classes transfer to other colleges?

    This depends on what courses you take at UNC and what program of study you will be working on at the transfer college. Courses designated as General Transfer Pathway (gtP) will transfer to other Colorado colleges and universities. It is important that you work closely with your advisor and check with the receiving institution to determine if certain courses will transfer. We do have transfer guides to help us determine if a course is likely to transfer. Please note that a grade of “C-” or better must be achieved in courses to be considered for transfer credit.  

  • What is the Colorado gtPathways General Education Curriculum?

    Most Dual Enrollment courses are part of the Colorado gtPathways General Education Curriculum. gtPathways courses, in which the student earns a C- or higher, will always transfer and the credit will apply to gtPathways requirements in every Liberal Arts & Sciences bachelor’s degree at every public Colorado institution. These courses are marked with the LAC and/or gtP designation in the UNC catalog (each course on your high school's list of Dual Enrollment courses is linked to the catalog description). Learn more about the Colorado gtPathways General Education Curriculum.  

  • How does FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) apply to students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program?

    Students who are participating in the Dual Enrollment program give the University of Northern Colorado permission to have limited conversations with the high school indicated on their registration form. Parents wishing to receive information regarding their child’s information, records, grades, etc. must have written permission from the student in the form of the Release of Confidential Information (available from the FERPA tab). 

    To ensure the confidentiality and protection of your student records, services over the telephone and e-mail may be limited if the UNC employee you are calling or emailing does not know you or is not confident of your identity. 

  • How do I request a transcript from  UNC?

    Students who have completed a Dual Enrollment course can request an Official Transcript or Unofficial Transcript by visiting UNC Office of the Registrar - Transcripts.

    For assistance, please view the eTranscript Ordering Self-Service video tutorial. If you still have questions please contact UNC Office of the Registrar at 970-351-4862

  • Do I need to provide my Social Security Number?

    Providing a Social Security Number (SSN) is voluntary and is not required for enrollment at UNC.