UNC Dual Enrollment Courses Available at Futures Lab (PSD)

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Registering for the Courses Listed Below

See detailed directions on our How To Register, Drop, Withdraw page.

Main Contact at Your School

Hilary Hermann

Courses Available

1st Trimester Courses

[Please note that 1st trimester courses are technically counted as Fall term courses on UNC transcripts.]

EDEC 101-650 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3)

Instructor: Hilary Hermann

CRN: 15181

2nd Trimester Courses

[Please note that 2nd trimester courses are technically counted as Fall term courses on UNC transcripts.]

EDEC 205-650 Nutrition, Health, and Safety (3)

Instructor: Hilary Hermann

CRN: 15182

3rd Trimester Courses

[Please note that 3rd trimester courses are technically counted as Spring term courses on UNC transcripts.]

EDEC 103-650 Guidance Strategies for Children (3)

Instructor: Hilary Hermann

CRN: 24365

Once You Register

Billing and Payment for Your Course

You will be billed by UNC Bursar's Office. For any questions regarding your billing please contact the Bursar's Office at 970-351-4862 or you can also access eBill on Ursa - please pay your bill by the end of the month in which it was received to avoid finance charges. If you need any assistance viewing your bill, making a payment or adding an authorized billing user in Ursa, please view the UNC Billing video tutorial.

How to Drop a Course

Full directions for dropping or withdrawing are available on the How to Register, Drop, Withdraw page. However, the drop and withdrawal dates for each term that are specific to your high school are on this page in the blue Need to Know Info box.

Policies Related to Your UNC Enrollment

Student Code of Conduct, disability support, etc.

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