How To Register, Drop and Withdraw For UNC Dual Enrollment Courses

Registering for Your Courses

1. Meet With Your High School Counselor and/or Instructor

You must show that you meet the criteria established by your high school and receive approval from your high school counselor and/or instructor prior to participating in the UNC Dual Enrollment program. Work with your high school counselor and/or instructor on your eligibility for the courses available at your school.

2. Activate Your UNC Account and Register

Dual Enrollment Application, Account Activation & Registration Instructions

You can also watch video tutorials for detailed visual explanation for these steps:

Note: you can find the registration numbers for your course(s) on the dual enrollment page for your high school.

3. Know Your Financial Commitment

The college credit opportunities through UNC Dual Enrollment are provided at a highly reduced tuition rate!

As a dual enrollment student at the University of Northern Colorado, you and your family will be responsible for your tuition. Once you register for classes, you incur a financial commitment to UNC and if you decide not to continue your dual enrollment, you must take action to drop your classes in accordance with the UNC drop/add policies to avoid being responsible for a portion of your tuition and fees. Please note that if you seek to add, drop or withdraw from the college course, you must meet with your high school counselor and/or instructor and complete all required paperwork through UNC's Registrar's Office prior to the add, drop or withdrawal deadlines for your school. See the section below for drop and withdrawal instructions.

4. Review Your Schedule for Accuracy

When you have finished registering go back to the Student tab. To view your schedule, under the Register for Classes menu you can choose Detail Schedule, Week at a Glance, or Registration History. All three of the choices will give you a different view of your schedule.

If you have any issues getting registered or confirming your schedule, contact

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

Note: Drop and withdrawal dates for the courses at your school can be found on your dual enrollment page for your high school.

Please use the Dual Enrollment Drop & Withdrawal Form.

Policies and outcomes:

  • You can drop your course up until the designated Drop Deadline. The course will be removed from your transcript and you will receive a full tuition refund.
  • After the Drop Deadline and up until the Withdrawal Deadline you can withdraw from your course. The course will remain on your transcript with a grade of “W” (this does not impact your GPA) and there is no tuition refund.
  • After the withdrawal deadline you are unable to be removed from the course. The course will remain on your transcript with the grade that you have earned, and there is no tuition refund.
  • If you stop attending the course but fail to officially withdraw from the course(s), you will be responsible for full tuition and fees and the course grade will remain on your transcript.