Online Cohort 8 (Fall 2017 start)

Program Coordinator

Connie Stewart


This is an Extended Campus program, which means a flat per-credit tuition rate for all students (in-state or out-of-state) and no student fees (they are incorporated into our flat tuition rate). Please note: certain courses may carry specific course fees for additional services and materials.

Program tuition for the 2018-19 academic year (which runs Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) is $520 per credit hour. Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year will be determined mid-June 2019.

Upcoming Courses

Please note: any syllabi files that may appear below are provided to help you prepare for your course. Syllabi may change at any point before the course begins, and you will receive your official syllabus in your course.

Spring 2019

ART 696-900 Action Research in Art Education I (3)

CRN: 21388
Instructor: Donna Goodwin

Location: Online
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

ART 696-900 Syllabus

ART 521-900 Fiber Design (3)

CRN: 22062
Instructor: Lynn Cornelius

Location: Online
Dates: Jan 7 - May 5

ART 521-900 Syllabus

summer 2019

ART 697-700 Action Research in Art Education II (3)

CRN: 40424
Instructor: Donna Goodwin

Location: Online + Guggenheim 201
F2F: June 10 - 28 Mon-Fri 8am-12pm
Online: Jun 29 - Jul 19

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Remaining Program Requirement (10 Semester Hours)

Consult with grad committee for guidance and approval in designing program credits. Choose studio or art history classes during summer sessions or in some cases, during fall and spring semester. All credit hours must be selected from 500 and 600 level classes.

Previous Courses

View previous courses for this program delivery.

Fall 2018

ART 644-900 Effective Application of Concepts, Theories in K-12 Art Curriculum (3)

CRN: 13513
Instructor: Connie Stewart

Location: Online
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9

ART 644-900 Syllabus

ART 508-900 Advanced Art Studio Concepts (3)

Instructor: Lynn Cornelius

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 20 - Dec 9

ART 508-900 Syllabus