Online Cohort 9 (Fall 2020 Start)

Program Coordinator

Scott Douglas


This is an Extended Campus program, which means a flat per-credit tuition rate for all students (in-state or out-of-state) and no student fees (they are incorporated into our flat tuition rate). Please note: certain courses may carry specific course fees for additional services and materials.

Program tuition for the 2020-21 academic year (which runs Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) is $580 per credit hour. Tuition for the 2021-22 academic year will be determined mid-June 2021.

Upcoming Courses

Textbook requirements are available six weeks before each course begins. To find books for the courses you have registered for, go to Ursa and choose My Textbooks under the Student tab. Textbooks are also submitted to the UNC Bookstore, which is one option for you to purchase them.

Spring 2021

SES 589-900 Bridging Theory and Practice in Sport Coaching (3) 

CRN: 24494
Instructor: Scott Douglas

Location: Online 
Dates: Jan 11 - May 9 

SES 586-900 Injury Prevention, Training and Conditioning Principles for Sport Coaches (3)

CRN: 24497
Instructor: Jim Turk

Location: Online 
Dates: Jan 11 - May 9 

Summer 2021

SES 582-900 Psychology for Sport Coaches (3) 

CRN: 40273
Instructor: Megan Stellino 

Location: Online 
Dates: June 28 - Aug 6

SES 584-900 Sport Administration for Sport Coaches (3) 

CRN: 40272
Instructor: Scott Douglas

Location: Online 
Dates: May 17 - June 25

SES 692-900 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science (1-6) 

CRN: 40274
Instructor: Scott Douglas

Location: Online 
Dates: May 17 - Aug 6 

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Previous Courses

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Fall 2020

SES 587-900 Sports Coaching Principles and Perspectives (3)

CRN: 15530
Instructor: Brett Nichols

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 24 - Dec 11

SES 588-900 Evaluation of Coaching using Technology (3) 

CRN: 15534
Instructor: Jennifer Krause

Location: Online 
Dates: Oct 19 - Dec 11

SES 581-900 Developmental Perspectives for Sport Coaching (2)

CRN: 15535
Instructor: Megan Stellino

Location: Online 
Dates: Aug 24 - Oct 18