Application & Location Info for this Brewing Lab Sciences Program


Get Started – Starts Each Spring Term

Recommended Application Deadline

We recommend that you have your application complete and submitted by December 1. If space is available, applications will be accepted until the program begins in early January. If you are attempting to apply after the deadline, please also contact the Program Coordinator to inform them of your intentions.

Note for Already Admitted UNC Students

If you are currently a degree-seeking UNC student, you will not need to do the application steps below. Please speak with the Program Coordinator about the Brewing Laboratory Science options for admitted students.


Application Process

Thank you for your interest in this UNC program!

Please review the Eligibility section of the Program Summary page prior to application.

U.S. applicants (outside of Colorado) for online programs: please be sure to check your eligibility by state of residence.

Note: You must be at least 21 years old by the beginning of the BREW 470 / 479 courses.

  1. Please contact the Program Coordinator about available space and your eligibility for the Extended Campus program delivery.
  2. Complete the Directions for Account Activation which will help you apply as a non-degree-seeking student and activate your student accounts.
  3. Email the Program Coordinator to inform them that you have completed activation of your UNC student accounts.
  4. Visit your Current Students page, which lists the upcoming courses each term. The Student Guides and How To page in the Current Students section provides directions to help you register for your courses.